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  1. I see the challenge in th3 fact that an AI model is not as straightforward like implementing a technical interface: There a HUGE quality differences that will take time and resources. Adobe recognized that and went all in. Serif does not even show a roadmap… Not sure if they can catch up tha t gap.
  2. Photoshop https://github.com/AbdullahAlfaraj/Auto-Photoshop-StableDiffusion-Plugin Krita https://github.com/sddebz/stable-diffusion-krita-plugin Gimp https://github.com/blueturtleai/gimp-stable-diffusion … masses of websites doing the same. Thats for open source, many commercial AIs are also available to integrate, IF you have an interface to do so. Not releasing a plugin SDK is a strange decision, I would argue that PS became a stabdard because of the power to extend it, its more an oecosystem than a single application today
  3. I dont mean to create an AI via an SDK, just need one to integrate the existing ones…
  4. I agree, they have to embrace it. Just saying for some first impressions, an SDK would go a far way, seeing that all AI generators are accessible via API…
  5. At the end, that's why I started this thread: The ABSOLUTE minimum would be to open their SDK for us - someone would implement first results within a week like they did with all other tools who offers an SDK. Not doing anything, not even answering here or showing a roadmap at least is quite strange a behaviour...
  6. Thats not fully true: To generate the model, you need absurd hardware. To use the model, a desktop GPU is enough - with an RTX 3080 (so already quite outdated) it takes me ca. 15 sec to generate a 1k picture locally.
  7. Fun fact: The current generation of generative AI models is what the older of us remember being the first handys: 3kg with battery, sound worse than a walkie talkie and expensive like a car. You all argue like this AI generation is the end result, but its not even a full start, b3cause they are ONLY ONE YEAR OLD. Computer WILL beat experts and artists in terms of creativity, inventions and - always - price.
  8. "Its not Art"? The intention of the human using it is the Art - computer are dump - but powerful. Have a look at this video: https://s23.q4cdn.com/979560357/files/doc_news/videos/Adobe-Photoshop-x-Firefly_Sizzle.mp4 Art? No. Powerful, time saving, soul crushing for everybody using a tool that does not offer it soon? YES!
  9. Sure. But who would want to live in a world without toilet water today? I expect with generative AI, it will be the same, soon… That AI will exceed expert level in most activities within 10 years is already concluded, sorry.
  10. I am with you there, Midjourney serves a certain niche. Much more important is Firefly (https://www.adobe.com/sensei/generative-ai/firefly.html : Adobe will serve content within Google Bard (like ChatGPT, only from Google) soon. Might be that Adobe in some years earns more with KI than with graphical tools. There ARE managers that are not sleeping through industry revolutions, it seems…
  11. Check at least the one pager where they showcase some things Firefly will deliver at start. And then tell me, that this will not make you more productive. Or dont. And be out of jobs because others ARE more productive. My concern is, that they will loose the small market slice they have when they keep sleeping 😴. Would be a shame.
  12. Adobe just announced that they will integrate AI generated content into all of their products as an standard tool: https://www.adobe.com/sensei/generative-ai/firefly.html So I repeat my plea here: Serif, move it and be fast about it. This "we have a timeline that is inflexible" is the Kodak way, please react to an industry trend that will be THE defining topic in content creation for the next years.
  13. I honestly dont expect IP will be much of an issue soon: You can easily train a model to generate concepts with another model checking the result (GAN). That way, you create a model that will create photorealistic images of everything without being fed any real world images. More effort, but totally doable. Better concentrate on the fact that everybody WILL have access to such tools, and they WILL create and modify images without any technical skills needed. And hopefully these tools will also come from Serif.
  14. Must read article: https://www.marktechpost.com/2022/11/29/artificial-intelligence-ai-researchers-at-uc-berkeley-propose-a-method-to-edit-images-from-human-instructions/ And again: The current models are developed less than 2 years, so 3xpect much more to come. And to Serif: Would it not be great to integrate someting like that? Its all open source, so expect that eceryth8ng that has an SDK will have it implemented by enthusiasts…
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