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  1. Wow! Thanks Walt! That worked perfectly. What they should do is elaborate on the Yes button and say something along the lines of "Click Yes to relink all broken links within this document." Thanks again.
  2. When I move the location in the Finder of a folder of images that are linked to in a Publisher document, the Resource Manager immediately indicates a broken link. Thats fine. I can relink it using the Resource Manager. BUT, it seems to require that I do that individually for every single image, ONE BY ONE. Not cool! When I did the same thing in InDesign, if I relinked one relocated image, it would tell me that it had found other similarly linked files in the same folder and ask me if I wanted to relink them all also. I would say yes, and it would do all of them in one shot. I cant find this option in Publisher. Does it simply not exist? and if so, WHY NOT! Please tell me Im just not seeing that option in the UI. Thanks.
  3. Hello All, Just to follow up, I did resolve the technique. Two great ways to do it, either with a radial fill within a shape which ends with a transparency value of zero, or the same thing with a mask on a layer with a gradient fill. See attached screenshots. Thanks h_d for your suggestion. Problem solved.
  4. Ok. So I tried it. It’s close to what I’m after but unfortunately the filter effects the rest of the image. Changes the ambient light value. i need this to simply be a gradient sphere of color where I can control the roll off of the color on the edges to completely transparent.
  5. I want to create an effect of a radial color burst on top of my existing layers. It needs to be normal blending mode. and I want it to gradate from intense in the middle to transparent on the edges. How do I do that in affinity photo?
  6. Ok. I tried doing the techniques 6 times. No luck. The endpoints will not fuse. Ridiculous. Affinity, what is your thinking here? Seems absurd. Not to mention a colossal waste of time and effort.
  7. I will try the move and re position trick. Weird that that’s necessary but such is life. Generally I’ve found that many times Affinity will utilize a different way to do what you are used to in Adobe software. usually it’s a better solution once you get used to it. In this case, I am failing to see the advantage so far.
  8. Ive tried that a dozen times. When you do it, does it make the beginning and endpoint of the curve a single node? When I do it, it does not. They remain separate points. Thus the issue.
  9. Thanks Lagarto, I was planning on merging some of the elements for a cut-through effect. Good idea. But even after Closing the Curve, still, the beginning and ending points are not fused. When I move one of them, there is a line between them but they dont become the same point. Weirdly difficult. How do I fuse a beginning and endpoint that overlap?
  10. Ok I have spent way to much time trying to figure this out... Ive created a diagram using curves. It took a while, but I successfully navigated Affinity Designer's method of breaking apart curves on a circle to create the YinYang shape I was after. Problem is, I was able to connect the open nodes of the curves in all cases except for the "tails" of the shapes. I just cant get the endpoints to fuse together for a closed shape. How in the heck do you do that?! I have attached screenshots and the actual file. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Yin Yang w Trigrams.afdesign
  11. Hi guys, Hi guys, I must confess, I am using Mac OS Catalina Beta. I realize that perhaps I am asking a lot for Publisher to function seamlessly on this public beta. But such is life. LOL. I can report though, that having completely restarted the machine, I was able to have more success with the Hyperlinking functionality. I was able to successfully finish my document and send it off, hyperlinks and page links fully in place. Perhaps Affinity will release an update that will make it Catalina proof but until then, I must take my chances. haha :)
  12. I am thrilled with the release version of Publisher for hundreds of reasons. But I am very dismayed by how poorly the hyperlink function actually works. Whether I am attempting to hyperlink to another page or to a URL, it hardly ever succeeds. When I input the specifications, and hit return, Publisher simply quits entirely. Sooooo frustrating!! Has anyone found a solution to this issue? Or is there a new build available? This is really messing me up on a project right now. I would love it if there was a way to fix this unfortunate bugginess. Please let me know. Thanks.
  13. Es voila! Perfect. Thanks! I didnt know that panel existed. transfer test.afpub
  14. I'm thoroughly enjoying experimenting with the release build of Publisher. (Its fascinating how you can switch back and forth between the apps.) One thing I cant figure out is, in Publisher, if I have set type to wrap around a particular object, is there a way to allow other text (Like a large headline) to ignore that wrap setting? Im sure it is probably possible but I dont see where to set that up. transfer test.afpub
  15. I agree. It would be great if you could easily open an Indesign file and have it convert on the fly. I have used the PDF opening method. It sort of works. But the typography specifications do not travel well. It can be pretty tedious to fix the formatting once you are in Publisher.
  16. Yes, even if you dont do print layouts, its worth having Publisher for the way it has all the Personas within the same app. That alone kind of revolutionizes the way we all go about designing anything. And the fact that you can open a Publisher document straight into Designer or Photo (On your iPad if you want) and then back into Publisher after that, is so damn cool, I cant stand it! Wow! Game-changing!
  17. Wow. Wow, and did I mention Wow? Just tried the non-beta release of Affinity Publisher. All I can say is: Im in Love! Well done Affinity! The way that you can switch personas within one app is absolutely brilliant! Works amazingly well. Huge time and confusion saver. LOVE it! Thank you thank you thank you!
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