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  1. Good example. The old panel is twice as clear even at half the size. The new icons just merge into each other. They've gone for aesthetic over practicality, imo.
  2. Hi Callum, Sorry, I'm cropping in Designer. The 3rd party app is the xml based Help+Manual. Thanks
  3. If I crop an image, place it in a 3rd party DTP and then print to pdf, where images have been cropped, a grey line appears. The illustration is one artboard with three images, two of which are cropped. They overlap each other. Any ideas?
  4. I work in Engineering and have to manipulate multiple layer (1000+) pdf drawings every day. The latest update is an absolute dream. AD just eats the pdf for breakfast. Thank-you so much whoever worked on this and whoever pushed the feature forward. 😗
  5. Yes, that is excellent! Would be nice to see in future the arrowhead react to the isometric grid as well. Thanks, Dan. 😀
  6. I've imported a pdf technical drawing into Designer. I want to delete all the dimensions on the drawing. Each dimension is called DIMx (x being a number). Is there a way I can I select all layers with DIM in the name?
  7. I have an illustration of a 3D cube. In the illustration a piece of paper is passed over the top, down the side and back under the bottom. AD is great for moving arrows along an isometric shape. However, I want one continuous arrow showing the paper passing over the top and down the side, and then one from the side and under. Basically, this in 3D: Anyone done anything like that or got any hints on where to start?
  8. I've been using Designer everyday now for a few years, and occasionally I use photo to edit and touch up photos for work. I want to start enhancing up some family photos to go up round the house. Any general tips and/or recommendations as to which tutorials to have a look at first?
  9. I would like all my EMF and SVG files to open in AD. However if I select the Open with... Choose another app... and select AD with always associate this app... the file Type changes to Affinity Designer File. meaning you can no longer see what type of files they are.
  10. When exporting images/Slices, I would like export x number of Slices of the same file name to various locations/paths/drives. I'm aware that you can already save to a different path on the same drive. Discussed here: Thanks
  11. Thanks for that. That's workable for now. I'll add my request to the wish list.
  12. When exporting images/Slices, is there a way to change individual file paths? I would like to export x number of Slices of the same file name to various locations.
  13. Importing images Good workaround, cheers, but it's still time consuming and I would still like to see the feature. Numbering the artboards in the layers panel. If you have multiple artboards they can be difficult to organise and AD isn't clever enough to do it in any order. If each artboard was labelled 1-to-whatever in the layers panel, it would be easier to locate and 10 times faster to organise.
  14. I would like to see the following: The ability to import multiple images into one document whereby each image creates its own artboard The ability to select images in multiple artboards and have them manipulated together, but in their own artboard. For example, 10 images in 10 artboards, selecting align all to middle aligns each image to the middle of its own artboard Move backward/fwd/to front etc option for artboards. Artboards numbered. Thanks.
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