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  1. Hi Dan I think it has something to do with the path, as I work with Dropbox and I opened the file on my other computer. Now I'm doing the whole work again... My question is: can I make a relative path instead of an absolute one to place the pictures? Otherwise the only way will be to embedden them, but that will increase the size of the document enourmesly...
  2. At the beginning it was only one file, now it happens with others as well. But this is a new problem, until yesterday everything went well. a540ae84-12d3-4fc2-a2ba-3f6cc87f9400.dmp
  3. Thank you, Dan! I've reinstalled the publisher. The problem with the opening still exists, as soon as I open a file, the publisher shuts down.
  4. Hi Dan I add the log of the last attempt, when I tried to install the old version again Thank you for your help! Ariadna SetupUI.log
  5. Hi AffinityPublisher breaked down after opening a certain file (yesterday it worked perfectly) all the time, I made the suggested update. The installation started, but then suddenly the info pops up "Fehler beim Setup" and the installation stops. Not even the old version is working anymore. What can I do? Thanks a lot for your help! Kind regards, Ariadna
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