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  1. I don’t have much to add other than to say that I have been having this crashing issue a lot with the release version running on Mac OS Mojave. I haven’t been able to figure out if there is anything that I can do to ensure the crash or avoid it. However, I have had Designer crash on me at least ten times in the last day when searching for fonts.
  2. Thanks for testing this! I just tried your exported pdf and the also used the pdf/x-1a preset to try exporting it myself. I printed each from Preview and both worked fine. However, when I was testing earlier, exporting using the pdf(for print) preset did not work well. I'm not sure why these would give different results, but I guess that is good to know. I will keep your suggestion in mind to print from other applications. However, I am still interested to see if my weird results can be reproduced by anyone. We have figured out a work around, now it might be nice to see if there is a printing issue in Publisher than can be fixed in a future update.
  3. The group up top is just two text layers that aren't interacting with the image at all. I tried playing around with that as well, but ungrouping the text had no effect on the images. The files are too large to upload here and I don't want to modify them too much, so I have created a dropbox link where you can download them. I have included the one with the problem, one that I have modified so that the image doesn't overlap, and the image that is linked from affinity photo. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s0mo6ykbdpqrrx5/AABPxzn1QLKGeQLmpsThE3pDa?dl=0
  4. This is sort of what I was thinking. However, the text is above the image and so I don't see why it would need to be rasterized. I have text above an image on another page of this document and everything works fine there.
  5. I just found some very weird behavior while trying to print out a document from Publisher. I was printing my document and noticed that on the cover some of the text was printing with a worse quality than others: See how the first two lines of text appear bold? That is the issue, they are all supposed to be the same. So, I went hunting to try and find the problem. I tried exporting a pdf and printing from preview on my Mac. Doing that made all the text uniform, but the quality was bad for all three lines instead of just the two. After a bunch of trouble shooting, I noticed that on my document the image overlapped the first two lines of text that were having problems: So, I tried cropping the image so that there was no overlap and then printed it again. And...it worked! Now, I have no idea why the image overlapping the text would make any difference. So, I thought that I would share this here to see if this is a bug that can be reproduced on other equipment than what I am using. I have files that I can share if needed, however they are larger than the 512MB upload limit. Publisher 1.7.3 (trial version so I haven't tested the beta yet) Mac OS 10.14.6 HP M750 LaserJet Enterprise
  6. I think I just found a small bug in the Resize Canvas feature. When resizing the canvas by a small amount, say a change of 0.25 inches in one dimension, the constrain proportions feature doesn't work. Instead, only one of the document sizes is changes and aspect ratio isn't preserved. Affinity Photo 1.7.3, Mac OS 10.14.6.
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