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  1. Hi @MEB, I am pretty sure that is not what I am doing. Usually I hit v and I expect the blue frames of the objects of the selected layer. When I don't see it, I hit v again, and usually it works. When it still doesn't work, I click on the Move Tool and it still doesn't show the blue frame so I select another layer then comes back to the layer I was working on. Then selecting the Move Tool works at this point. This happens on both MacPro5,1 and MBP Retina.
  2. Hi @MEB, No clipboard mgr, and is not file dependent. But I did find a workaround. If I don't forget to switch into Move Tools before copy/paste, it won't crash. But then another issue is that hitting the v key doesn't always reliably switching into the Move Tool (to be clear I am not talking about when you are in text mode). Say I am doing something like painting, healing brush etc, often I have to hit v key twice, or I have to select different layer in order to switching into Move Tool. Basically Affinity Photo 1.8.3 is less reliable than 1.7 for me. It maybe because my lowly MacPro5,1 16GB is too underpowered? A heavy AF file silently fails to PS color print from this machine but fine from i7 MBP, and this was fine when v1.7 but not anymore.
  3. Ever since updating to 1.8.3, Copy/Paste is a crash city. But now a file I am working on seems to be totally corrupted. Open the file, select a layer, and Copy action crashes immediately. Please help! I am on a deadline and pulling my hair. Log attached. Process- Affin 2.textClipping
  4. Hi, I am on Mac Pub beta 1.7, and trying to build a Master. I can't figure out how to create text placeholder or text box. Any help would be appreciated.
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