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  1. Per Blender 4.0 Developer Release Notes Bcon 1 https://wiki.blender.org/wiki/Reference/Release_Notes/4.0/Rendering Below link to the new default folding into Blender 4.0. https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/commit/a9053f7efbe8b25429b11bccd679dbe81ea60e3f
  2. An app attempts to connect to a server mount point should time out with a notification which mount point fails and then default to user desktop path in Finder. Affinity should contact Apple Dev for clarification on this and what methods need to be called to produce such behavior within the apps so this doesn’t hang the application. They should test the length of timeout optimal from user feedback. UNIX command line timeouts on NeXTSTEP we had preset to 900 ms before pipe closed. Personally, I wished they never split OS X in two and then gutted the server side services. You should launch the app executable from Terminal.app to record the output and find out if it is specific to the application or an issue with macOS/OS X.
  3. For those injecting this is a useless feature you don't do much technical publications. For you, just deselect that option. For the rest of us that find it useful and don't want to load a CAD program, but want to integrate these features into complex Designer creations we'll leave it on.
  4. Then there should be a choice in a configuration setting to enable or disable the behavior.
  5. It's a big upgrade, but one that will be universally adopted and should have already been on their radar for the past twelve months or so. I'm looking forward to it as it is required to build the likes of Blender 2.93 and newer.
  6. The spinning beach ball is a non-modal state to allow the system to manage processes dealing with cache, swapping, writing and more and thus whenever one hits a wall with physical memory and core activities it will surface. This goes back to our NeXTSTEP operating system us NeXT folks developed and brought to Apple. And first rule of thumb in any large image processing, video scrubbing, audio mixing, etc., you max out your system RAM and get the fastest drives you can.
  7. Blender has this feature. To have this feature for CAD/CAM, isometric top, front, side and 3D projection (really 2.5d) and leveraging brushes for shading would give the Suite blueprint scale production and Publisher a huge lift in technical publishing
  8. My Account shows the following view w/o anything loading inside it, just to echo what others are saying and to second Jeremy Bohn and it not loading the first time.
  9. Is it expected that Designer, Photo and Publisher will balloon by 1GB because they include Silicon packaging in them? If so, can we get stripped out versions?
  10. I have a 2015 Macbook Pro with a 128GB drive. My TB3 external drives are 2TB and 1TB. I store nearly all my large applications on them. Yet, to participate in this beta I have to move my 1.8.4 version into /Applications on the boot drive to get the beta to recognize my purchase and ownership of 1.8.4. This is just beyond silly. Build a mechanism to map to all available drives, please.
  11. Not to put too much pressure on the developers, but that's a basic boolean operation that should be fully functional before the 1.8 release time.
  12. I haven't scanned if this has yet to be stated, but the Bundle Page on the App Store shows the Publisher status non-purchased for those of us who bought the 20% off deal. I assume this gets remedied when and App Store update on Publisher is to be found, right?
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