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  1. Bumping this, years later it seems there is no way to import an HDR image "unmanaged" with zero ICC management. Odd considering it is an option in the 32-bit Preview but the file itself does not support a way to work with this.
  2. Can we please get an update to the OCIO support in Affinity Photo? OCIO has been updated to OCIO v2 which supports a lot of cool new features including built-in transforms for ACES etc. Currently we cannot use OCIO v2 configs and this is rapidly becoming the standard as Nuke is beginning to integrate it, Maya 2022, Arnold Renderer, Redshift Renderer, both Photoshop/After Effects OCIO plugins and more. It would be great to have it upgraded to use OCIO v2 configs inside of Affinity Photo. Thanks! https://opencolorio.readthedocs.io/en/latest/upgrading_v2/_index.html#upgrading-to-v2
  3. Going to throw in my +1 to more powerful painting workflows like those suggested here along with supporting some of the other commonly used workflow tools in Photoshop used by the concept art and matte painting communities who all are still heavily tied to Photoshop. While purely digital painting apps are great, one of the reasons the Concept Art and Matte Painting communities use Photoshop is also due to all the powerful Photo manipulation tools which are part of the average arsenal of digital painters in production nowadays. Adobe has mostly forgotten about this segment of its user base over the years and done next to nothing to fulfill their requests.
  4. Bump, maybe the correct thing to do would be to have the Photoshop plugin support added? It would fill in all the missing gaps/features from the EXR workflow inside of Affinity Photo. They also have an interesting script to automate the Cryptomatte layering process which is a great workflow tool for 3D artists. please give it a look or maybe get in contact with the EXR-IO team? https://www.exr-io.com/ https://www.exr-io.com/autolayermaks-script-production-boost/
  5. Clipping mask support +1 this is very useful for many digital painting techniques.
  6. Just want to throw in the request for more EXR compression controls. For example when you use DWAA or DWAB it does not include any compression controls. Normally this is supposed to range from 0-100 with the typical default of 40. Right now I have no idea how much/little the EXR is being compressed when working with DWAA and DWAB. In general having more EXR controls would be welcome. EXR-IO the Photoshop plug-in does a great job with regards to all its options when dealing with EXR's. It would be nice to have similar options when dealing with EXR's. Also would be nice if you could expose the compression model "type" directly in the EXR export screen, right now you need to dig into its settings to even get to the compression models like PXR24, DWAB, etc. Thanks!
  7. +1 this would be great to have, while EXR-IO is ok, having a full fledged integration similar to the one found in Nuke would be best.
  8. Going to add my +1 to this request, would love to be able to use this in Affinity Photo in 32bit mode to tone map my renders. Thanks
  9. Just wanted to mention that the latest beta update has fixed my issue. Thanks!
  10. yep the issue is still there in the beta. Here is a screenshot showing the issue still happening in the latest beta -Saul
  11. Hi Chris, I tried using the new beta build (fully uninstalled the previous stable build and re-installed) and it is still having this issue whenever I use OCIO and a 32-bit file unfortunately. Hopefully this gets fixed in another build in the future. Thanks for the help.
  12. So I am running into this strange bug when I resize or move the Affinity Photo application itself. IT shows up fine when I first open the file, but the moment I drag the application around or resize the window it will cause the image to shift in color (gamma maybe?). The only way to remedy this is to close the image and re-open it in app or to completely close the app and re-open it. This does not occur on lower dynamic range files and is only happening on high dynamic range image format. Oddly enough the small Navigator preview looks normal as I would expect it to look. So something strange is happening whenever I move/resize the affinity photo application window itself. Any help is appreciated, thanks! -Saul System Info: Latest version of Affinity Photo on Windows 10
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