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  1. DragonWhimsy

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    New features have been added but there is nothing that is in the books that has been done away with. The workbooks cover up to patch 1.5 and to be honest patch 1.6 wasn't that big of a patch so the books are mostly up to date and are still very relevant.
  2. DragonWhimsy

    AD: Recent colors don't show in swatches panel

    The video was actually on Windows. But at least it's fixed in the beta AND I wasn't taking crazy pills.
  3. DragonWhimsy

    AD: Recent colors don't show in swatches panel

    I think it's a bug because I've seen videos of other people having those features there. It's not a feature request, it's SUPPOSED to be that way. It's just not working for me. Unless it used to be that way and the options were removed later? Also, this is for Affinity Designer, not Affinity Photo. So either way it was moved to the wrong forum. Potentially your copy is also bugged so you never noticed that it wasn't supposed to be that way. Unless they deliberately removed it those features are supposed to be there.
  4. When accessing the swatches panel through the fill or stroke tools in the contextual toolbar I don't get recent colors or the monochrome options. I also don't get the search bar. It's not the biggest deal in the world since they still work from the swatches panel in the studio but it is a little annoying. Picture included down below.
  5. I'm hoping that once Publisher is out they spend some time on Affinity Designer again rather than coming out with a 4th part of the suite. I'm more than willing to pay another $50 for an AD2 or something if it's new features are significant. In the meantime I hope 1.7 is more along the lines of 1.5 than 1.6.
  6. DragonWhimsy

    CSS export for layers

    There seems to be a misunderstanding by some posters here on what is being asked for. The OP is not asking for a WYSIWYG functionality being added to AD. No one is asking for AD to be turned into Adobe Muse or Frontpage 2000. What is being asked for is that each layer be given CSS Properties so that when a designer hands off the design to a developer that the developer can EXACTLY match the design given because the CSS properties are right there for him to see. He's not approximating the design, he has the option of an EXACT translation. It saves the developer time and guesswork. No one is expecting AD to do the actual coding. It's just supplying some CSS Properties to speed up the developer's work. Most software used for UI design already has this functionality. Sketch. InVision. Illustrator. Photoshop. Only Adobe XD doesn't have it yet. And AD. Serif put a lot of effort into making AD ready for UI designers in the 1.5 update, but without CSS export it's mostly for naught. You absolutely have to have this feature to compete.