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  1. I think that it's less "kids acting like spoiled brats" and more like the parents knowing that their kids are capable of so much, yet disappointed when they refuse to grow up and be great.
  2. Kiarian, as much as I'd hate to not believe that, it's possible that you just hit the nail. I had a car that could get 37 miles per gallon in 1990, yet today they "celebrate" when a car can get 30+ miles per gallon, like it's something new! Yes, mega corporations do pay big money to keep progress limited, and to choke out the competition. Autodesk is another evil example. They have bought almost every competitor in order to stay at the top and charge ludicrous subscriptions for their products! I hope this is not the case with Affinity, but the cynical part of me is in total agreement.
  3. I can't believe that I commented on this over a year ago, and it is still a hot button issue! What will it take to get an answer from Affinity about this? The total silence on here from the devs is quite disheartening.
  4. I was just testing Photo for creating game textures for an online simulator that I work on. We use TGA files for all textures. I don't understand why TGA import is supported, but not export. Without being able to export TGA format, I cannot convince other game developers that Photo is a viable option to using Photoshop. Please get TGA added soon, and it will only open the door widely for more professionals to switch over from Adobe. Thanks.
  5. Dazmondo77, This is EXACTLY what I've been talking about! The ability to not only skew, scale, and rotate, but to actually distort to match perspective. Warp would be awesome, too. But, I would love to at least be able to do what you just did in the video. And since Designer does pixels, as well, it should work in both Personas.
  6. Don't get me wrong. I understand that Affinity has done some amazing work in just a few years. Adobe has been at it for nearly 30 years. The point I guess I'm making is, if Affinity were to ask my opinion (as a user of Adobe software since 1991 and working artist since 1987), is that they should take the input of professionals seriously. A survey of pros would be great. That way, they could prioritize new features and maybe put a nail in Adobe's coffin sooner, rather than later. Not only that. The sooner they add the most coveted features, the sooner pros like me will switch over 100%. AND, I would not mind paying for updates occasionally for a good product. I just HATE paying a subscription to Adobe, or anybody. Then again, their goal may be to pick up the casual user with the iPad app version, and not to win over professional desktop users. I don't know, since I'm not in the meetings.
  7. I 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th the comments above. I have an OLD copy of Illustrator that I've had for many many years that can do this. It truly is mind boggling that a central feature like this has been put on the backburner! And, I find it odd that Photo has warp tools for pixels, but Designer's pixel persona does not have those same features. Since the 2 programs can open a common file type, it just doesn't make sense to me. Today I am using Photoshop again for the 700,000th time, just because the tools I desperately need are there. Man, I hope that Affinity does not become vapor-ware! I really like the software so far. ugh
  8. I too have loved Designer. I bought it and have begun creating the illustrations for what I hope will be my first book ever. I have been a Photoshop and Illustrator user since the early 1990's. I had so much hope for Designer, but then ran into the same issue of no "Free Transform" option. You can only scale, stretch, skew, and rotate. With no option to make a selection change "perspective", a massive requirement for me is missing! Affinity, please get this implemented as soon as possible, since I am willing to go 100% Affinity products of you can get a few much needed features like this added. Thanks.
  9. I am currently testing Photo right now as a viable replacement for Photoshop, after 24 years. Since I do game development, there is a very necessary feature that I need to use and can't find it in AP. In order to do some special texture creation, I would need to be able to turn RGB visibility on and off individually per layer or layer group. In Photoshop, in a layer's properties, you can turn off Green and Blue, for example, and have only the Red channel show for that layer (or layer group). Then, in another channel, only show the Green channel. In this way, texture maps can be created for use in 3D programs like 3ds Max, and in games for things like specular effects and normal maps for bumps. Also, I don't see a way to make adjustments to levels on a specific channel by selecting it and making the changes. I need to be able to see the grayscale of each channel as I'm tweaking it. This is especially important in specular and normal map creation for games. Hopefully, someone here has worked in game dev and knows what I am referring to. If I cannot control the RGB visibility and adjustments in layers and groups, then Affinity Photo will not work for what I am doing. I truly hope it's in there, and I just don't see it, or that maybe it's in the works for the next version. Thanks.
  10. I posted another topic that is similar. Maybe it's related. I had this issue, along with brushes completely losing function with my tablet. The only fix was to do a Repair install. When you run the installer, it gives the option of Repair or Uninstall. If nothing else works, do that. Personally, I don't want to keep reinstalling every time a bug hits. I've been running Photoshop CS5.1 since 2011 and have never had to reinstall, to my memory. Except when I installed on a new computer. To be fair, Designer is much newer and I expect some bugs. It would just be nice to have more incremental updates. Overall, I love the program.....or I would not have bought it!
  11. I don't have video, but my brushes quit working in Designer. I use a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 tablet. I tested in Photoshop and Krita, and the tablet worked fine. I also tested brushes with my mouse and they would paint. Both Draw and Pixel personas were affected. The cursor would move with the tablet, and even create new vector or pixel layers, whenever I would draw. But, NOTHING would be on the screen. Just blank layers. I ended up having to do a repair installation to fix the problem. Just thought I would mention it on here in case others have had this bug.
  12. I can confirm that I have had this problem with a Huion Kamvas Pro 13. And I am certain that it is a Designer issue, because I closed it and tried the same tablet with Photoshop and Krita with no problem. I have the latest version of Designer and the latest Huion driver, which was emailed to me by Huion support. They sent me the driver upon me telling them the issues I was having with Designer.
  13. MEB, what is the current status of the "Hide Selection" in Designer? Been using Designer for 2 weeks. I'm a 23 year veteran of Photoshop and Illustrator and simply can't live without being able to hide the marching ants. It seems like that would have been a basic design feature from early on. It's surprising to see that nearly 2 years have passed and still no way to hide selections! Hope that it's right around the corner.
  14. I have only been using Designer for about 2 weeks. There is an issue that I can't figure out. In almost every art program I've ever used there is a way to hide a selection, aka marching ants. Is there a way to do this in Designer? The visible selection can be very distracting. Thanks.
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