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  1. I am using Blender. When exporting SVG from Designer however I cannot seem to get the units to coordinate. I guess some scaling will have to do. (scaling to 1.25 seems to be the right amount. :)
  2. Thank you @Alfred That was really helpful. It seems it is a font issue... @MEB I have uploaded the document. Thank you for investigating this!
  3. Hello everyone, I am getting this message when I try to export a Publisher document to a PDF. Is there a log file somewhere that will help me find out why the error is occurring? Thank you!
  4. I really need to de able to edit alpha channels too. Just adding my voice...
  5. Hello everyone, When in Develop mode, if you click the window close button (top-left corner in windowed mode) the document will close instantly without asking you to save even if you have made changes when in Develop mode. Thank you!
  6. The text related window switching appears to be fixed in 1.8.4 for all apps i.e. Photo, Designer, and Publisher. Good work!
  7. The text related window switching appears to be fixed in 1.8.4 for all apps i.e. Photo, Designer, and Publisher. Good work!
  8. Hello everyone! Can someone tell me what happened to the Colour Format menu? I know it used to exist as seen in the attached screenshot but I cannot find it.
  9. I too need to be able to do 1-bit TIFs for book printing. I use them all the time for line art. Just today I had to fire up Photoshop to be able to do this. It seems like such a basic feature to have...
  10. The message says it quit unexpectedly but I actually _did_ expect it this time!
  11. Hello everyone! Another bug discovered. When choosing a font size with two documents open in separated mode Photo crashes. fontsizecrash.mov
  12. Hello Katie, Here is a video showing how to do it. Once you have it the way you like you may save the settings in a character style. (See Mike's sample document above.) DropCapSpeechMarks.mp4
  13. Hello Katie, I managed to get the following result by changing the font size on the speech marks and then moving them up with baseline shift. A little tricky but doable.
  14. It would be very nice if auto could do something like this with speech marks:
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