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  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic piece of work, it was/is fun to be a part of it – at least a little part
  2. All these work fine at mine.
  3. Sabine 108


    Schauen Sie mal: Ich habe als erstes die Formatierung rausgenommen, vielleicht ist da was Unverträgliches, also 'kein Stil', und dann einige Bindestriche im Text entfernt. Die Voreinstellungen wie auf dem screenshot. Das sieht doch recht ok aus. Man kann noch mit dem 'Präfix' rumprobieren, da würde ich auf '3' gehen, denn Silben mit zwei Buchstaben, z. B. 'ur' sollten nicht getrennt werden. Und auch Bundesar-beitsgericht ist doof getrennt. Der Text ist ja auch sehr speziell mit vielen langen Wörtern. Man sollte schauen, ob die Spaltenbreite nicht zu schmal ist.
  4. Sabine 108

    Crash when pasting text

    Same here on El Capitan: Crashes when pasting a text (from TextEdit) without creating a textframe. Works when inserting same text into a textframe.
  5. Same here on El Capitan. At first plaicing a jpg worked, but adding an eps caused a crash. Next time the app told me I'm opening it for the first time, which I wasn't.
  6. Works fine here. I'm now preparing the 2nd of invitations for a series of exhibitions with Publisher. Now with a b/w .tiff in the background. Good.
  7. The update went perfectly well here.
  8. Well, yes. I'm on a Mac, where livin' is easy
  9. I'm happy to have found the instructions for printing a liltte booklet for myself in this thread. Graham, where the heck is your 'save as PDF'-button? You don't need to select a printer, for me 'no printer selected' works fine.
  10. The highlighting works for me within the document palette, but not within the 'recent' colours.
  11. Sabine 108

    line below

    It does, thank you
  12. I think we had this somewhere, but couldn'f find it. Is there a solution already?
  13. I'm using line below in the decorations panel. I have several numbers one below the other, each working as a paragraph. Marking all of them and setting the line (for all) would only show one line under the last paragraph. So I have to edit each single paragraph to make it work. Did I miss something?
  14. I just wish that the orange colour of apub's icon would be much more gaudy. Why not good old 100y40m or something.
  15. And I would like the color palette, which I created for a certain document, also open by default.