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  1. I've logged in after a while, looking for a separation checking tool. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Einstellungen > Allgemein > unten im Menu Sprache auswählen
  3. I'm happy to have found the instructions for printing a liltte booklet for myself in this thread. Graham, where the heck is your 'save as PDF'-button? You don't need to select a printer, for me 'no printer selected' works fine.
  4. The highlighting works for me within the document palette, but not within the 'recent' colours.
  5. I just wish that the orange colour of apub's icon would be much more gaudy. Why not good old 100y40m or something.
  6. And I would like the color palette, which I created for a certain document, also open by default.
  7. I've started to use "RightFont" and I like it's features. Using it in Publisher works even better than in InDesign (CS6). At least for me
  8. I’m happy to see the pic frame tool working nicely: Working on a banner I have 12 pics in 2 rows, each has the same hight but a different width. With grouping all pics together I could easily stretch the whole thing/banner and all the automatic clippings did what they are supposed to. No need to edit each pic. When I changed the thing into a less narrow 3-row-tile thingy, it was just a little push here and there and it was done in seconds.
  9. Is there something like a 'quarter em', Viertel-Geviert in german. I use it as a small space to group telephone numbers.
  10. From time to time I'd paste a little symbol/icon, telephone or selfdrawn bullets for example, before the written number/text. So when I drag the textbox somewhere else, the graphics would be a part of the text. Instead of grouping text and graphics.
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