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  1. Hi, is there a shortcut/can i assign one for the color chooser dialog? The one that opens when you double-click the front/back color circles in toolbar (in order to see them toolbar width must be set to 2). I know that i can assign a toggle for the color palette - one of the studio dialogs - but i would rather use chooser because its bigger. Cheers -k
  2. The help doesn't mention anything about using them only with symbols. I think its more about parent-child relationship.
  3. Question, hopefully not so stupid/obvious as my previous about the line ends, about constraints. If you look at the attached images. Yellow and blue rectangles are grouped together and same are the other two. Original.png show the original position without resizing and scaled.png the result after i have scaled the groups. Blue and green box are using the same displayed constraint settings. The question: why there is a gap between yellow and blue box after i have scaled their group? Cheers -k constraints.afdesign
  4. Thanks all. And yes, some questions are from noobsters: darn thing was in front of my! -k
  5. hi all, and sorry for the noob question: is there a way to stop the line/stroke end where the node is? If you look at the attached image, i have a straight line where i have applied thick stroke. I would like the stroke to end where the node is. Is there a way to achieve it? Cheers -k
  6. Haa! Thank You RCR! The layer was created originally in this document but the layout have changed over time. After dragging layer over it's 'parent' it works like a charm..and the layer name/text is also bright. Cheers -kimmo
  7. Hi all, and merry xmas/happy new year :) I ran into little problem when trying to export some images using Export Persona: the size for the slice, which is created when i select layer and press the Create slice-button, is too big. The problem seems to happen if exported layer is using copied adjustment layer (HSL, in this case). File attached. I also created video (https://youtu.be/NIXkSoyGbfM) where i demonstrate the problem: first i try to slice when layer contains copied adjustment layer, and the size is too big. Then i remove the HSL layer, and re-slice it, and the size is correct. Lastly i add HSL layer manually, and the size is correct! Not sure if it has anything to do with this problem, but i noticed that the text for the copied layer is darker than if i create it manually. Any idea what might be causing this? And how to fix it Cheers -kimmo AD, OS Win10 64 bit icons.afdesign
  8. Carl is Right - combination of two shortcuts works. By assigning 'Ctrl + Shift + m' to Insertion Inside, and then pressing 'Ctrl + Shift + n + m' does exactly what i need - new layer as child layer for current layer. Well done Sir! The ooooonly complaint i have - there is always something - is that after creating the layer, the parent layer is collapsed and the newly created layer is inside it and hidden. -k
  9. Yes, i understood that, but it doesn't create actual layer - it just sets the mode so that when the layer is created, it will be placed inside current layer. I'm trying to find a solution where i can do all of those things via single shortcut. Carls solution requires two - one to setthemode and another to create the actual layer. -k
  10. Carl, your solution is in the right direction! Only "problem" with that is that, i must first turn Insert Inside on, and then add the actual layer. I created macro for it, but unfortunately i cannot assign shortcut key for it -k
  11. Hi all! Title says it all :) - is there a shortcut in Affinity Photo/Designer to add new layer as child layer? If you look the attached image, left side shows what happens when i press Ctrl + Shift + N (in PC), and right side shows what i'm looking for - shortcut to add new layer and add it to child layer for current layer. Cheers -k
  12. Hi, sorry if posted already. Is there a way to convert node (Pen tool) control handles back to symmetrical, so that they have the same length and slope. Cheers -k
  13. KiLa

    Brush creation

    Creating pixel brush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP7eBT6lLWc&index=5&list=PLHtpM51FaH0jRB_P9vJf7E-iTDS1vPo8N
  14. Hi, i made a video that demonstrates the problem: Notice how the snapping doesn't first work at all / it starts to work after i have selected the Guide layer. Please let me know if you need more info. -kimmo