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Work around for Editable Text in PSD's


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So recently I was working on a project that require saving some files as workable psds, one of the reasons I starting use affinity product was because of the ability to open ai and psds. I was just coming off a long term test of using only open source apps like, Inkscape, Scribus, Gimp, Krita and more ... I was actually very successful with completing several large and small projects. The problem was updates and too many tiny issues popping up during projects (usually found work around though).

So I figured out a work around to have a editable text layer saved in a .psd for an affinity workflow.

Spoiler it's https://www.photopea.com/ !

Photopea lets you actually open natively affinity files (so cool) then save then as psds. (https://blog.photopea.com/photopea-5-1-open-affinity-files-and-make-artboards.html)

A few things I notice when playing around. which could make this slightly less useful for some.

Some things must be removed or you will get an error message.

1. Symbols: Can't keep, I would detach (in the symbols palette) them or remove them.

2. Adjustment layers: like contrast or levels won't be carried over and must be applied or deleted. Basically anything Affinity specific will likely cause issues.

3. Mask layers: Easiest is way is to flatten (rasterize & Trim).

- You can also move it out of the sub-layer/folder of layer it's attached to.
- Then in photopea you select the rasterized mask layer (BW) >
- do a Color Range selection (from the select menu-bar), pick highlight or shadow based on your needed selection >
- Now Hide the currently selected bw Mask Layer >
- Select the layer you want to apply the mask to >
- Under the Layer Menu Bar, goto Raster Mask, choose Reveal Selection. Now it should be properly masked

4. Now you ready to save, goto the File menubar, select Save as PSD.

5. Your done open in photoshop or some place else and it should work.


With this method it's the closest I can get currently to a workable text layer psd. Not perfect of course. Hope it help some of you in a bind.





afdesign-afphoto_to_PSD-afphoto.psd afdesign-afphoto_to_PSD.afdesign

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