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  1. This is a feature I miss from Freehand. It really made selecting and say picking color very fast.
  2. So I'm hitting this issues as well. I have many social assets to export and each one is off by 1 pixel. It's driving me crazy. So I need to move these to a new document, this just seem to be a waste of time. I mean if you or someone else didn't set up/start a project in this obscure way then all assets from the export slices will be off? Seems silly. To try and be constructive, maybe there can be a UI button or action that can align all art boards to snap to pixel (Force Pixel Alignment)? This way we don't have to do it manually if we discovery this at the end of a project with a hundred boards to export. Thanks
  3. I was looking for this as well. Thankfully it's in there, just hidden a bit and I used his suggestion to fix all instance of a font in my doc. Not sure if you have tried it jweitzel, but it's only in Publisher I think. See walt farrell comment
  4. If this was on matrix with discord, telegram, irc bridges I could get behind this idea. But I'm not on discord and have no desire to join a closed platform. I'm personally tired of another "current best" communication platform, which may become less popular over time like .... um slack. But I'm sure many will find these type of places useful and think it's a good thing if people can find help fast. But I just remembered how facebook destroy a vibrate community I enjoyed once, by split up communication over multi-channels. You could see the slow death in real time. And all the young people are on tiktok anyway, so perhaps a affinity tiktok group ....
  5. So recently I was working on a project that require saving some files as workable psds, one of the reasons I starting use affinity product was because of the ability to open ai and psds. I was just coming off a long term test of using only open source apps like, Inkscape, Scribus, Gimp, Krita and more ... I was actually very successful with completing several large and small projects. The problem was updates and too many tiny issues popping up during projects (usually found work around though). So I figured out a work around to have a editable text layer saved in a .psd for an affinity workflow. Spoiler it's https://www.photopea.com/ ! Photopea lets you actually open natively affinity files (so cool) then save then as psds. (https://blog.photopea.com/photopea-5-1-open-affinity-files-and-make-artboards.html) A few things I notice when playing around. which could make this slightly less useful for some. Some things must be removed or you will get an error message. 1. Symbols: Can't keep, I would detach (in the symbols palette) them or remove them. 2. Adjustment layers: like contrast or levels won't be carried over and must be applied or deleted. Basically anything Affinity specific will likely cause issues. 3. Mask layers: Easiest is way is to flatten (rasterize & Trim). - You can also move it out of the sub-layer/folder of layer it's attached to. - Then in photopea you select the rasterized mask layer (BW) > - do a Color Range selection (from the select menu-bar), pick highlight or shadow based on your needed selection > - Now Hide the currently selected bw Mask Layer > - Select the layer you want to apply the mask to > - Under the Layer Menu Bar, goto Raster Mask, choose Reveal Selection. Now it should be properly masked 4. Now you ready to save, goto the File menubar, select Save as PSD. 5. Your done open in photoshop or some place else and it should work. With this method it's the closest I can get currently to a workable text layer psd. Not perfect of course. Hope it help some of you in a bind. Cheers afdesign-afphoto_to_PSD-afphoto.psd afdesign-afphoto_to_PSD.afdesign
  6. Adobe likely knows this, which is why it hundreds of pages long and full of errors format specs since likely wont be help to many to import/save good completed files. The future adobe file format is likely online cloud first/only, so where does that leave other platforms in collaborative environments? The answer adobe hope for is to be left behind and hopefully ignored and you just use adobe products. There is nothing Affinity can do about this other then starting to support more open formats like, .ORA (OpenRaster) ... and maybe even .KRA, .XCF. https://photodemon.org/2019/02/20/psd-support-now-available.html Jürg Lehni: The Future of Scriptographer is … Paper.js! https://i.liketightpants.net/is/an-awkward-silence-the-adobe-monopoly-in-art-and-design-software?id=244763&the_secret_question=the_secret_answer
  7. I would also vote for this request. Since this is the only window that floats separately from the the studio panels it would be useful to have a customizable setting for this. Use case would be when playing with color for say a logo and you hide all UI except for the color chooser and the logo ideations. Additionally resizing it would be handy as well. cheers X
  8. Happy to share this one I made from 02/18/20. I broke them into Solid, Regular and Brands Cheers FontAwesome-free-5_12.1_021520.afassets
  9. Any update on this request? I actually started my project in Publisher, but move it to designer for better control ... however now in order to turn off the crosslink in a vector box I need to go back to publisher and remember to turn on preview mode. this is fairly easy at first, but it will reset back to visible at some point (I think). So not sure if this feature is connected directly with pages, but would save me a lot of time. Thanks
  10. Well if they had some form of plugin API, then like sketch 3prty dev could help build out missing features. I'm guessing development has slowed down overall, since it's spread over multiple platforms and programs. In the beginning it was just AD. So it's a double edge sword, you get people like window folks and iPad folks ... but at the cost of finishing one apps full feature set ... some what. We of course can't see behind the doors, so we can't say at what state of develop they at with these things. As well as long term foundational plans. Lastly it's the hardest part of using software in my opinion these days is that many lock you into a file format that is not portable. One of the best things about Inkscape and sketch for that matter :D. I switched from freehand -> Inkscape -> AD mostly because the Inkscape dev was too slow and the Mac dev was way to far behind and not native enough. The fact that I must buy publisher to get features freehand had years ago is unfortunate. But it seems like what must be done. Adobe is moving on to the next level which will be hard to fight AI/ML to speedup grunt work. So now I still need to learn these thing if I'm to work with companies on site or share files :(. Tuff time and great time for design. x
  11. I really appreciate the speed at which you got this update out. Thanks
  12. This is actually making me hold off on the upgrade at the moment. I like the wait and see sometime. This should be included with your workspace exports. This is how it was done in photoshop and seems like a good way to get up to speed quickly when you move to a new machine or need to update.
  13. @Aammppaa thanks for the update ( It does in fact work as expected. thank you Affinity dev team!
  14. Only bumping this because I was running into this issue and was about to add my voice to this topic. But then I tried the AD beta ... Thank fully it seems that the latest beta, has made it so new layers appear above the selected layer! Sweet! Looking forward for when this comes out of beta.
  15. Been bitten by this bug all of a sudden. Font where there and then they were not :(. We for sure need a font search and replace. We need freehand level search and replace in Designer, this would be another standout feature for it. I need to try and trouble shoot a document that open fine in Photo and every other app on my system. I have high hopes for the next update, since we've gotten iPad apps and publisher ... but I need this app to not suck productivity away. Thanks
  16. I would love a feature that would allow you to copy not just the hex, but the cmyk, rgb or other color value to the clip board or let you export them as a simple text file. Bonus points for allowing you copy export other css values (ex. svg, css value to make a circle or logo). Cheers
  17. +1 for Bleed Preview, bleed export for tiff and other image formats. I'm currently working on a print project, which is the first larger one in designer. And I have to say that the lack of bleed is making some exports more difficult than is needed. So please add non-pdf bleed exports to designer. I've used freehand, illustrator and inkscape which all were able to do this. I understand that AD uses artboards so it not a one to one thing. However perhaps a per art board tick could work. I won't pretend to understand the difficulty to make it work properly. But I do know that this is important even when you come out with the publisher app. Since it would be great to work like I used to in freehand, which had enough publish tool to support small - med projects ... then for bigger one you wold use scribes, quark or indesign. I'm looking forward to your next update of designer very much and hope it includes lots of the little needed features and bug fix. Cheers
  18. Thank Chris K, Yeah I guess I was thinking it would be nice to have that option without going into the extra control "flyout" Perhaps this is a request, more than a bug. But I think you could slip the first last drop down menu on the context toolbar
  19. While working on a project I could not figure out why the object were not align the way I wanted. In the example video, I want to center object B & C to A. When using the alignment tools of either in the context toolbar or the top main toolbar it keeps moving A to the center of the selection. I made the assumption that setting the alignment order in the main toolbar alignment panel would keep those 'align to' setting until I changed them. I feel this might be confusing. But perhaps this is only me and is not a bug. However I use this feature often and think it an extra step for me to do to get to the tool. Please move if this is not the correct area to post. Thanks Align_VS_Align.mp4
  20. I vote for inclusion of a align and distribution node tool. I've used this often and would be great to have in designer.
  21. Forgot I needed this until I went to use it. I hope this is added at some point.
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