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  1. @James Ritson Thank you very much for the comments. Since I have been using Affinity Photo on the PC and iPad for years, I thought, after the many positive videos about Apple's M1 MacBooks on youtube and in the press, that I could finally switch to a Mac Book. It is well known that Intel has not always had a happy hand when it comes to performance in recent years. Especially in MacBooks, the performance of Intel CPUs was always throttled. The common statement in the tests was always that the M1s are very performant and that the 16GB only come into play when editing 8K material. What
  2. @Paul Mudditt I also use Windows, but I also know Linux very well. And MacOs clearly has Linux genes I have not installed a virus scanner or Chrome. The MBP is currently in an absolutely out-of-the-box state. @v_kyr All Mac OS Big Sur updates are installed and only Affinity Photo is installed. Otherwise only the Apple accessories. @GaryLearnTech My MacBookPro has an SSD with 256GB. There are currently a good 230GB free. The HDR combination with the selection of 3 images takes me 57 seconds. I also tested your tip with safe mode. Unfortunately, there are only margi
  3. @GaryLearnTech I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but I think your efforts are really great and I think it's great how you're trying to solve the problem. If I could get the RAW files to 50 seconds processing time I would be super happy. I'm currently pissed off at Apple and all the youtubers. They present a performance that is simply not even close to being sustainable. Maybe it's also because I don't use Adobe programmes. I use the same settings as in your screenshot. The first step is also super fast for me. The second processing step, HDR Merge, takes a very long time
  4. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, all the "positive" benchmarks from youtubers seem to be unrealistic and now I have the feeling that it was/is just marketing.
  5. Sorry, but the jpeg's maybe fast. But as a photographer i don't work with jpeg's. I think you Mac with the Apple M1 CPU should a special version from Apple. Your machine can't processed the HDR combination wihtin 20 seconds. Today i checked the HDR processing in a store on a Apple MacBookPro with 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD. And the processing time was 213 seconds. So the procesing of both machines are nearly the same.
  6. @v_kyr The system with the Ryzen has 8 GB RAM (under Windows) and a hard disk. The MBP has the M1, 8GB RAM and an SSD. I also added the Affinity Photo benchmark of the Ryzen. The numbers are worse, but the Ryzen still renders classes faster than the Apple M1. @GaryLearnTech The difference between a MacBook Pro and a MacMini, both with Apple M1, is not that big. At least that's how it is seen by all the Youtubers. There might be a difference in the memory between 8GB and 16GB, but not that big. Do you installed Affinity Photo from Apple's AppStore?
  7. Hallo Gery, i used the identical settings. I tried the HDR Merge again and the time is the same. The activity monitor is also fine. CPU Usage is around 8 Percent and the memory is also 70 percent. I think the ram is not the bottleneck. And the CPUs are the same (M1, 8CPU, 8 GPU). Where Do you downloaded your version? Do you installed it about the Apple App Store or downloaded from Serif? Is there a difference between battery powered or with a connected power supply unit? I attached also a screenshot of the Affinity Photo Benchmark from my MacBook
  8. The installed Version is 1.9.1 and the result of lipo: Architectures in the fat file are x86_64 arm64 I attached the 9 files in a zip file. Affinity_Photo_Benchmark.zip
  9. The Beach Workbook files are only jpeg. With 7 jpeg images (each approx. 6 MB / 15 Megapixels) this is no problem. Even an old Casio calculator can do that within 20 seconds The above times were measured with a batch of 9 RAW images (each approx.24 MB / 24 Megapixels). But even with this size, 8GB RAM should not be a problem or bottleneck. Under Windows and a Ryzen, it's fast.
  10. The installed Version is 1.9.1 and the result of lipo: Architectures in the fat file are x86_64 arm64
  11. I do not have a virus scanner yet. Today I completely reset the macbook pro and only carried out the initial setup without importing a backup. The result is the same. Is there a difference between installing Affinity Photo via the AppStore or downloading and installing it directly from the customer account? Is it possible that the version in the customer account is not the native M1 version?
  12. Both systems uses the same amount of ram. The Ryzen system uses a HDD Raid 1 and the MacBook a SSD. But a difference of factor nearly by 6 is a very big cap. I tested the same HDR rendering process with a 2018 IPad 11 Pro and this is a little bit faster as the M1 MacBook. The iPad has definitly less power. So I hope the performance issue is only a bug and will fixed asap.
  13. The results of lot Benchmarks showing a better performance of the Apple M1 as other CPUs. The Marketing tells also that the M1 ist the best option for performance. A Lot of Youtuber shows also amazing Performance results. Serif told also that the Performance of their products is great with an M1. But now i bought a MacBookPro with M1 and installed Affinity Photo on a clean system. The result is poor. The HDR stacking needs nearly 6 times longer as on an older AMD Ryzen CPU. At the end, the solution to create HDR from a exposure series on Tour has failed and the old workstat
  14. I bought another licence for Affinity Photo today to use on my new MacBook Pro with M1 chip. Since the Windows licence does not work on Mac OS. The performance for rendering an HDR image from 9 frames is a horror on the MacBook Pro. It takes 37 seconds on a Ryzen 7 with 8 cores. On the M1 216 seconds. According to marketing, the M1 is superior to the x86 architecture... Will there be any optimisation for the Apple M1 from Serif?
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