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  1. Ok, got it. It was in Percentage But in my case the sliders remain in 8-bit values.
  2. And suddenly my CMYK red color is converted into HSL... And what is this: The values next to the cmyk sliders are different to the other values ... ARRRRHHHHHH I HAVE TO DO MY JOB!!!!
  3. Just started with a simple white in cmyk and after changing it from RGB to cmyk (see picture) it is still RGB in the palette 😞 The simplest things are very, very complicated. I begin to hate Affinity software ..
  4. Thank you, Joachim and Walt, so the answer to my question "Is there a way to work with "pure" CMYK?" is more a "no", all colors are HLS. Of cause I can build palettes, but to build palettes with HUNDREDS of colors is a little bit ... laborious 😞 BTW: In the picture you see a small (!) part of palettes which come with Corel. Each palette folder have dozens/hundrets of colors!
  5. Hi, I'm coming from Corel where we have a huge number of color palettes especially CMYK colors. So when I click in a print design on the black color I get the 0/0/0/100 color and the full red color is 0/100/100/0. In Affinity programs I don't have such pallets, only a few ugly HSL colors (without clear gray tones, see attached file). But I din't knew that. So now I have had layouted 40 pages and all the black and gray colors are like 84/84/78/99 (see attached file). Is there a way to work with "pure" CMYK, where a yellow is a pure yellow for example? And why works Affinity like this, even when I use CMYK in the "create new template"?
  6. As a Corel user I must say that there are hundrets of problems. Like this one a few seconds old: (Publisher) Export as PDF: facing pages are one page. - Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows) - Affinity | Forum (serif.com)
  7. When I create a PDF my facing A4 pages are placed on one A3 page or in other words: My 24 pages document has only 12 pages in the pdf. With all that problems, eg. go to page 17. What can I do? Uli
  8. You are right But I have all that vector stuff. I'm spoiled, cause I've worked with CorelDraw over 25 years. Nearly everything in CorelDraw has a much better and quicker handling (eg. working with colors, having all kinds of object styles, a gorgeous print preview in which you can do everything). But it also has bugs and I need a modern publishing tool. The main problem is that Serif has not look left and right to copy the best functions from other software, they were only oriented to Adobe. And I hate working with Adobe products, that's why I worked with Corel all the years.
  9. > Corner Tool? Point Transform Tool? Pencil Tool? I would say that they are there. Because Designer can't handle pages it needs Artboards, so Publisher don't need it (or you can say: has it also) It just remains the vector brush tools of your list, mmhh, I have to say that I don't need it in my business.
  10. I've started with Publisher to design a book for a client. I think many function of Designer are implemented in Publisher (working with curves, Text on a path etc). Do you think I'll need Designer also? What are the main functions of Designer which Publisher don't has? Uli
  11. Thank you. That's pity 😥. Many years I'd worked with Ventura. Just for inspiration there were (with all combinations!): - spread over x columns - spread over all columns - linebreak before - linebreak after - column break before - column break after - page break before - page break before until left page - page break before until right page - page break after until left page - page break after until right page
  12. Hi, is there a way to define a heading with "spread over x columns" or "spread over all columns"? Or do I have to work with two frames in a group? Thanks a lot, Uli
  13. Bug or not bug ... however, I just did it with an invisible heading 1 paragraph and a copy of that text in separate text frames. Its a workaround but gives me the flexibility I need. Thanks a lot to all of you for the suggestions and help!
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