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  1. This isn't particularly helpful. Because there no way to make non destructive crops in the way people understand non-destructive editing from programs like Lightroom, Capture One etc.. It took a couple of reads of the manual and watching tutorials to appreciate that the way photos are opened in Photo is unlike any other pixel image editing program. In that the image needs conversion to a pixel layer to actually crop the image and make the cropped off area invisible. There's a lot to like about Photo, but there have been a few development choices that have made certain aspects of it's use unintuitive and more complex than most users expect. The crop tool is one aspect, the gradient tool is another and needing to export rather than save as... further confuses new users.
  2. If we look at the way 'stand alone' programs just become personnas within the Affinity suite, it seems pretty obvious that making a stand alone program that also acts as a personna would be the most likely way a DAM would be added to the suite. I'm sure most suite users will be happy to buy another program that could transform the way we work with the suite and it's capabilities.
  3. Another vote of support for rygar's request. The gradient tool is something I've used a lot in Photoshop/Lightroom/Capture One for 20 years and trying to change working habits to accommodate the Affinity interpretation of the tool is far from easy.
  4. A good integrated DAM option is the next big feature that needs adding to the Affinity suite. It's tickling in with the new resource manager features in 1.9 and that is a good omen that this will come in time. For me it needs to support every format the suite currently supports, plus video and audio formats. It needs the ability to create virtual collections within it's database, also automatically generated (smart) collections based on user defined rules . Another feature that will take the suite up to another level is the ability to save history steps to side car files to make parametric changes (particularly to RAW photos) repeatable and changeable. That would then bring Affinity Photo's capabilities up to properly compete with Lightroom and Capture One. That would also allow virtual copies in the DAM.
  5. It would be really useful to open the image at the exact size it's being used on the page to allow optimal sharpening for the output process. In addition is would be even better if it was possible to do this with all photos used in a publication in a batch process. Getting photos sharpened optimally makes a significance difference for photographic reproduction.
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