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  1. Thanks Chris, I thought it might be something like that
  2. So I use Affinity Photo as a Plugin to Lightroom 6. Everything seems to work fine but when I select save history and I close the program and reopen it my History is gone. I'm teaching a workshop on Photo coming up in March and this is one of the most important features that I plan to talk about. Any help with this is appreciated.
  3. Hi this is not quite the same issue but is an example of selection not doing what I want. I was trying to select the whole wharf with the freehand selection tool to remove it but it reverts this triangular shape.
  4. I've been noticing that if I have a document with layers for masking that when I try to select an object it's hard to get the selection to snap to the edge of the object, if I remove the background layer above the layer that I'm trying to do the selection on then the snapping seems to work just fine. I'm hoping someone can help me understand this.
  5. So I just opened a Galaxy Note 9 image and created a pixel layer to do some inpainting, I decided to check the RGB Waveform and switched from Intesity to RGB but the scope is not changing. Also trying to make a freehand selection for Inpainting on the edge of the canvas but I only get a small portion of what I'm trying to select (I am trying to select by going outside the canvas as well). I seems this has something to do with my second monitor as well, I noticed that when I dragged Photo to my Laptop Monitor and changed to a different window and went back to my document the RGB Waveform came back. I'm using a top of the line Asus Gaming Laptop with i7-8750 and Geforce GTX 1060 video card.
  6. I also used to be able to download tutorial videos from Affinity tutorial selection from the Help menu. But now there is no download options. If I go to Vimeo and search for Affinity tutorials and I log in I can get the download button on some of the videos but not all of them, also very hard to find the video I want on the Vimeo site. I would be nice if Affinity allowed us to download the videos from the Help menu tutorial videos.
  7. Sorry Guys, I just figured it out. My mistake, I have 3 monitors and it was hidden on my 3rd monitor which is a 4k TV and it was set to a different input so I could't see it. So dumb, sorry about that.
  8. After Windows 10 latest update my Photo will not start. I do get the thumbnail on the task bar and when I hover over it shows a representation of Photo but when I click on it nothing happens, I can click on the X and it closes but it won't open full screen. I tried turning off my Nvidia card but not difference. Please help.
  9. Just bought a brand new Asus Gaming computer and now my lightroom 6 is not working properly, I have to turn off my Gpu and even then I have issues with Topaz and Lightroom working together. So now I have to decide am I going to pay for a subscription to Lightroom or hobble along till Affinity comes out with a replacement for Lighroom. I did look into Luminar 3 & 4 but they seem to be having some big issues looking at their forum. So Please Affinity help us out and let us know if your coming out with a Lighroom Replacement?
  10. Thanks, yes I just discovered the More button duh! Don't know how I missed that.
  11. Thank you for responding. I think I've figured it out. When I work in Lightroom 6 I'm using ProPhoto for colour managment, when I choose Edit in Affinity Photo it opens the file as a ProPhoto file. When I export the file in Affinity it doesn't give me the option of choosing what color space to use (which Lightroom does). So I have to convert the picture to srgb before I export it which doesn't seem right to me, unless I'm missing something.
  12. OK thank you, I'm using the latest version of Affinity Photo and Windows 10. After some experimenting I've found that it depends on which viewer I'm using. Windows 10 has 2 viewers, Windows Photo Viewer which works well. When I use the default Photo Viewer I get the green cast. Also when I open file explorer the Thumbnail looks ok but when using the preview window I get a green cast. Also my Photo Club uses 2 computers for a Projected Images competition. The new computer seems to be ok but the older computer has the same green cast. So I think this has something to do with color space. The pictures below show the 2 different photo viewers. By the way Photo Viewer is the newest Viewer, the older Windows Photo Viewer is the one that works.
  13. So I like the results when I use Lanczos 3 non-separable to downsize or convert my photos. When I save as a Tiff file the colour shifts to an ugly greenish tint. Using jpeg seems to work on my new computer but using an older computer the colour shifts even using jpegs. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. What I would like is to see my photos as they appear in Affinity Photo after I export them (nice and sharp) so I can get a print or file for a projection system. Any help appreciated.
  14. Crap, I just got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death from that video card driver!!!
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