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  1. After Windows 10 latest update my Photo will not start. I do get the thumbnail on the task bar and when I hover over it shows a representation of Photo but when I click on it nothing happens, I can click on the X and it closes but it won't open full screen. I tried turning off my Nvidia card but not difference. Please help.
  2. Sorry Guys, I just figured it out. My mistake, I have 3 monitors and it was hidden on my 3rd monitor which is a 4k TV and it was set to a different input so I could't see it. So dumb, sorry about that.
  3. Just bought a brand new Asus Gaming computer and now my lightroom 6 is not working properly, I have to turn off my Gpu and even then I have issues with Topaz and Lightroom working together. So now I have to decide am I going to pay for a subscription to Lightroom or hobble along till Affinity comes out with a replacement for Lighroom. I did look into Luminar 3 & 4 but they seem to be having some big issues looking at their forum. So Please Affinity help us out and let us know if your coming out with a Lighroom Replacement?
  4. I guess I posted this in the wrong place so here it is again with emphasis. Please Please Please!!! Can Affinity come up with an Organizer to replace Lightroom. I just went to check my location tags in Lightroom 6 maps and the map is gone and they say you have to update to the latest version to get a functioning map. I'm getting sick and tired of Adobe and their licensing fees and not supporting their legacy apps. So Please Help Help Help!!!
  5. So I like the results when I use Lanczos 3 non-separable to downsize or convert my photos. When I save as a Tiff file the colour shifts to an ugly greenish tint. Using jpeg seems to work on my new computer but using an older computer the colour shifts even using jpegs. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. What I would like is to see my photos as they appear in Affinity Photo after I export them (nice and sharp) so I can get a print or file for a projection system. Any help appreciated.
  6. Thanks, yes I just discovered the More button duh! Don't know how I missed that.
  7. Thank you for responding. I think I've figured it out. When I work in Lightroom 6 I'm using ProPhoto for colour managment, when I choose Edit in Affinity Photo it opens the file as a ProPhoto file. When I export the file in Affinity it doesn't give me the option of choosing what color space to use (which Lightroom does). So I have to convert the picture to srgb before I export it which doesn't seem right to me, unless I'm missing something.
  8. OK thank you, I'm using the latest version of Affinity Photo and Windows 10. After some experimenting I've found that it depends on which viewer I'm using. Windows 10 has 2 viewers, Windows Photo Viewer which works well. When I use the default Photo Viewer I get the green cast. Also when I open file explorer the Thumbnail looks ok but when using the preview window I get a green cast. Also my Photo Club uses 2 computers for a Projected Images competition. The new computer seems to be ok but the older computer has the same green cast. So I think this has something to do with color space. The pictures below show the 2 different photo viewers. By the way Photo Viewer is the newest Viewer, the older Windows Photo Viewer is the one that works.
  9. Ok so I had to reinstall windows 10 and ran into the dreaded Unhandled Exception error again. This time Affinity Photo opened on it's own but when I tried to open it from Lightroom 6 I got the dreaded Unhandled Exception Crash again. So for your info this is the driver that installed with windows (Nvidia Driver 2015-12-21 Old) Then I installed this Driver (Nvidia Driver 2018-12-11 New) and now it seems to work. This is on a Dell Laptop NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M So this driver seems to be a real issue with Affinity Photo and may be worth looking into.
  10. Crap, I just got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death from that video card driver!!!
  11. Thanks for that. I hesitate to update drivers unless absolutely necessary. I've had issues with Nvidia drivers before when I've updated them. Dell recommends you stick with their certified drivers which I try to do. The driver I picked had the most amount of time between updates which is why I picked it.
  12. Using a Dell Laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. I recently updated the driver for the video card and now I get a Unhandled Exception error every time I try to open Affinity Photo I get this error and Photo closes and produces a error report. I tried resetting photo with holding Ctrl key down and resetting all items and no change also tried reinstalling Photo and no change. Not sure how to use my Nvidia card with this problem.
  13. Thanks for that, I tried reinstalling the same Dell version of the driver and that did not work. I then went to the Nvidia website and downloaded the International version of the driver and that seemed to work, very strange. Anyway thanks for the tip.
  14. Ok I thought this got fixed with the last update where dialog boxes were not showing up when you added a layers adjustment. Now I'm trying to play with Lighting Adjustments and when I add the lighting filter there are no handles and no way to move or adjust the lighting filter. I don't understand why there is still a problem when using a second monitor and different scaling. Could you please fix this problem so all adjustments and layers work properly when using a second monitor.
  15. Hi thanks for the reply, I'm running, I haven't received an update notification for 135. When it happened yesterday I fixed it by going to 100% scaling on both monitors. Today when I tried it, it seems to work with different scaling. Not sure what happened, hopefully it was just a glitch and it won't happen again. By the way how do I get the latest version without notification?
  16. I really hope Serif comes up with a good Lightroom Replacement. I had a quick look at iMatch and wonder if anyone has tried it or is using it. I like the GPS mapping option, I'm now shooting with GPS so I need to see where I've been so I can go back again if needed.
  17. If that is true that is great. Is this just a rumor or are you sure?
  18. Not sure what your talking about. I'm asking that Affinity come up with a replacement for Lightroom.
  19. BluestarCK

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Please Please Please!!! Can Affinity come up with an Organizer to replace Lightroom. I just went to check my location tags in Lightroom 6 maps and the map is gone and they say you have to update to the latest version to get a functioning map. I'm getting sick and tired of Adobe and their licensing fees and not supporting their legacy apps. So Please Help Help Help!!!
  20. So it's been 3 updates and Photo is still not working properly in my Second Monitor. Come on please, I need to use my second monitor.
  21. Hi Guys, I'm really hoping this gets fixed as well. The only way I've found to fix it is to set both monitors to the same scaling ratio and then it works. So I've set my laptop scaling from the recommended 125% to 100% to match my Second monitor the only problem with that is it makes everything to small on my laptop. Come on Serif please get this fixed.
  22. Ok I just checked my scaling and I'm using the recommended settings for both Monitors which is 125% for Laptop screen and 100% for the Second Monitor. When I change the scaling on both Monitors to 125% it seems to fix the problem. I'm still hoping this gets fixed,
  23. Thanks Chris, yes I'm using 1920x1080 on both monitors and extended desktop. If I duplicate the Displays It works properly but that defeats the purpose of a second display. Also using Windows 10 fall creators update O.S.
  24. Here is my original post about this problem. This happens every time I try to use Photo in my Second Monitor. Somehow I've lost my adjustment dialogs for all my layer adjustments. when I add an adjustment such as exposure it shows in the layers panel but there is no dialog to make the adjustment, when I double click the exposure layer it used to bring up the dialog but now when I double click nothing happens. I've reset everything and still no adjustment dialogs. Any help appreciated. This was reply from Serif. This is a known issue when using second screens that has been fixed by development. Thanks for letting us know!
  25. Thanks for the response. No Crash reference. What happens is everything freezes and the only way to fix it is to do a hard reset of my Computer by turning the power off and then back on again. Using i7 intel laptop with geforce gt 750m video card.

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