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  1. Thank God I found an intact backup and was able to restore the book. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Yesterday I was still happy that I could finally save the file. Today I tried to reload it. Then I got this response: Is there any way to open the file anyway, or is many months of work lost? During my overnight backup, the undamaged version from the previous day was probably overwritten.
  3. All clear! After I loaded the cover file for my book and saved it as a PDF, I tried again to save the book file. Now it worked! Big relief! Something got stuck, now it's working again. Hopefully it stays that way! PS: I had previously downloaded the latest version 1.9.1.
  4. My photo book project is ready. I made a few small changes and then saved it as a PDF for the print shop. When I want to back it up, I get this message: Failed to save the document Saving failed. Reason: Error writing to the file. I tried to back up the file with a different name and in different locations. It does not work! The file is very large at 1.14 GB. The book has 220 pages and contains around 1000 images, which are, however, linked. My MacBook Air unfortunately only has 8 GB of memory, but actually 125 GB of free space on the internal SSD. However, it has shrunk to 40 GB due to the faulty memory clearance of macOS Catalina (10.15.7). Of the 8.00 GB of physical memory, 5.85 GB are used, 2.12 GB are in the cache and the swap used is 6.52 GB. Does anyone know a reason the publisher is unable to save the file? Is there a way (detour) to secure it anyway? Correction! Sorry! The 2012 yearbook T1.afpub file is only 96.4 MB in size. The PDF file for the printer has 1.14 GB.
  5. Does the publisher has non-breaking spaces in text frames? I need a space that is not stretched when the text is justified. I have to write the name of the French supermarket Super U. In justification, the space between super and U is stretched and that looks totally stupid. Thanks!
  6. Many thanks for the help! So far, I have created borders about letters with the help of the tool Effekte (blue). The Kontur/Stroke tool (red) I have just met here in the forum through your help. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I knew this tool only for picture frames in the context strip. I send screenshots, as the English and German designations are very different.
  7. Although both texts "Lili 9th year" have the same settings for text effects, one text has a white border. Can anyone find the reason for this? Thank you! Text with a white border.afpub
  8. I have now decided to render the page with the text frame. Hopefully this will not make any difference to the result in the PDF.
  9. For a photo book, I created in the publisher a rectangle as the cover background, colored it and created a gradient. Since the book has gotten thicker than expected, I had to make a larger cover. When I tried to copy the background rectangle onto the new page, I noticed that it has now become a text frame. How can that happen? Can I make a rectangle out of the text frame again? Thank you!
  10. Thank you! Is working! But how do I manage to turn only 1-2 degrees? I don't find out. (Danke! Funktioniert! Doch wie gelingt es mir, nur um 1-2 Grad zu drehen? Ich finde es nicht raus.)
  11. Recently, the entire pages of a project in the Publisher have been twisted by a few degrees after shortcuts. Unfortunately I can't find a way to get it back on the horizontal plane except to quit the publisher and start again. Is there a better way? Thanks!
  12. I am describing the publisher's bug here, as it makes my work very difficult. I produce photo books with a selection from a large number of pictures. First, I select unedited photos and arrange them. When I'm happy with it, I'll edit the photos in Affinity Photos until they meet my requirements. So far, the publisher has taken the edited photos and kept the size. Now I have to note down the coordinates of the images before processing and then re-enter them. Or I have to set the size and cutout again. This makes working with version 1.9.0 very tedious and time-consuming. To describe the bug (?) I took my image 'Verkehrsschild 11 km/hยด with the size 1024 x 1024. I put it per drag and drop in a frame and enlarged it. You can see the coordinates of the frame and the picture: Then I opened the image in Affinity Photo, changed the color of the left one and saved it with command s. Since the picture is linked, it is re-imported into the publisher. In doing so, it changes the size of the image. The publisher adapts the size of the picture to the frame: Then I reduced the picture in the frame. I opened the picture again with Affinity Photos and changed the color of the sign border and saved it again. After the publisher reloaded the image, it was now larger. It's almost, but not quite, the size of the frame. I hope you will fix it!
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