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  1. Main reason to humbly request for it...
  2. Not necessarily a Publisher feature... Fireworks and Gimp have it (even as in Gimp is a PITA to implement it)... Fireworks ---> http://help.adobe.com/en_US/fireworks/cs/using/WS3f28b00cc50711d93f3703bc133a3ec962f-8000.html It would be tremendously helpful if Designer (and Photo!!!) would have this feature as well... I was doing some timetables for a band that is currently touring, for their fan board - X plays in this city at 7.00 PM... so it's at this hour in NY, this hour in Buenos Aires, this one in Tokyo and so and so). I have a template for this, but a find/replace text feature would definitely save a lot of time and effort for the task... this is one of those minimal things for I still can't get rid of Fireworks/GIMP for good =( hopefully the developers consider it...
  3. as of right now, the only options would be: 1) tracing the image manually; or 2) using an external software... If this the route chosen, for what you need you could try with ON1 Resize (https://www.on1.com/products/resize10/) [paid software] Waifu2X ( executables ---> http://kourindrug.sakura.ne.jp/waifu2x.html [in japanese, but not terribly difficult]) [open source]
  4. max tsukino

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    A few weeks ago bought Affinity Designer... A few mins ago bought Affinity Photo... awesome software!!! thanks to all and every one of the good Affinity/Serif people!!! =D
  5. max tsukino

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    As far as i understand, Publisher will be Affinity's answer to Indesign... so it would be doubtful it will be useful to create apps - probably more for magazines, newspapers and books... perhaps ebooks...
  6. it worked... thanks... (and now I found the thread in which this was discussed. apologies)...
  7. With this beta I get an unhandled Exception crash, either opening an image or trying to make a new one... Windows 10 Pro 64 (in Spanish), Intel I5 8 Gb RAM Intel HD Graphics 2000 Integrated... AF has sent at least 3 crash reports... If there is some more information that is needed, please let me know...
  8. i'm merely an user, but i'm 100% certain that the answer for this question (on Affinity Photo and every beta) is when it's ready...
  9. unscientific, totally anecdotic, but maybe could be of use ---> Two apps that I use released versions on the windows store... Evernote and Kodi. At first it sounds like a good idea and a timesaver. But it seems that the format brings a lot of issues re paths. I had a lot of problems with Kodi because of that... In the case of Evernote, the Firefox web clipper was simply useless... Maybe UWP is the way of the future, but maybe it needs a lot of work still...
  10. +1 on the Corel import...
  11. Bought it a few hours ago... as many around here, I add my voice to thank the good Affinity people... the software does everything I need and many other things that I may use in the future... =) definitely satisfied customer... can't wait for Affinity Photo... and if along the way you decide to make Affinity Web and/or Affinity Video... count me in!!!
  12. Intenta de nuevo, de preferencia con un navegador distinto al que usaste. Si aun asi no pasa la tarjeta, prueba entonces usando Paypal...