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  1. Thanks for you reply. I understand you point. I keep the current version for now, but I might end up buying it again from the store for convenience eventually. We'll see.
  2. I participated in the betas for Affinity Photo and Designer, last year, before public launch. Back then I suggested that they should publish the apps in the Windows Store, as it would work the same way and it wouldn't even need the code to detect new versions or check license/serial codes. I understand that the Windows Store reduces the target audience, since it requires an up to date Windows 10 installation, but I suppose that is actually preferable to having to support outdated OSs (Windows 7, Vista, 8...). Back then the response I got was that the app wouldn't work in the Store because it wasn't an UWP app. I tried to explain that there was support for regular win32 binaries in the Store now (then) and it was very easy to publish the app (I am a software developer and former Microsoft MVP for Windows (Store and desktop) development). They told me "it wasn't possible" and that was it. I understand that there are strategic steps in product development, but to say it isn't possible when we know it is, is sad. I bought the apps anyway, but I would very much prefer to have acquired them from the Windows Store. So, here I am again: it IS possible to create vouchers in the Windows Store. There are many options for vouchers or other ways to purchase apps (using in-app purchases or the beta mechanism). Serif isn't your regular small shop and it is very well regarded by the quality of the Affinity apps. I am sure Microsoft would be more than willing to help navigate the options available or even lift some of the limitations on the number of vouchers that can be generated if the outcome is to gain thousands of new customers in their Store. Microsoft wants all the traction it can get and apps like this a great for that.
  3. Thanks @carl123. So it seems to be the way I thought at first (same document "embeded" and projected multiple times for each face). Not as "robust" as I was hoping, but this isn't a 3D app after all. Still, it would be great to have a tutorial showing how that was made. Also looks like Designer can't quite do this by itself yet and need Photo to create the embeded projection. I'll have to try that when I get some time :)
  4. Hi guys, I just saw the Affinity Designer 1.5 Overview video on YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2CLmakKPj4&t=70s ) and it was impressive. I've been using the Windows versions of Designer and Photo since the beta started and I purchased them once released, but I'm not a professional designer and I don't know all the tricks. That overview video shows a LOT of cool tricks and features, but doesn't point anywhere for resources on how to do those things. It would be really cool if the video description pointed to articles of tutorials on how to do those things. Anyway, what I really want to know here is how was the shoe box layout unwrap done? The YouTube link above points to the exact moment in the video. I can see it is one file with the unwrapped design and another with the wrapped box updating live, but I have no idea of how this was done and I would love to learn that. Any tips? Thanks, Kelps
  5. This just happened:Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 hits the Windows Store And it is even discounted (until December 1st). Here is the store link for the US market (change the location in the url if you're not in the US, like me): Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 That makes me want to see Affinity there even more. I know the Adobe "Elements" line is the consumer stuff, not the Pro, but this is just the first and Adobe already announced in a previous Microsoft event that they plan on also putting the pro stuff in the store eventually, but would start with "Elements". From what I heard (from connected friends), what was preventing them from adding Pro before was the subscription model, but that now is an option in the Store and they are supposedly working on integrating it into the app for a vNext.
  6. Centennial doesn't "convert" the app. It just repackages it in the appx format for the Store. Depending on the software you're using to create the install package, it may already be capable of outputting the Store package (I know WixToolset and a couple of other installers are already supporting it). (I am a software developer and former Microsoft MVP for Client Dev ;) ) I understand the problem with the 30% cut, but doesn't that also happen in the iTunes Store? Microsoft may even be willing to make some kind of deal if they see this as an opportunity to promote full desktop apps in the Store. I was just thinking that it would be really cool and a lot simpler to acquire the apps and keep'em up to date for many users by using the Store. Maybe sometime from now, after the first waves after launch have ended #fingerscrossed Anyway, as I said before, I'll buy it anyway (probably tonight, as a matter of fact). Thanks for the answer Mark.
  7. First of all, congratulations on the release of Affinity Designer for Windows! Now my burning question: Is there any change Designer and Photo will be published in the Windows Store? If so, what is the timeframe? I think it would be awesome to be amongst the first to publish full desktop apps in the Windows Store, specially before Adobe does it (since Photoshop was already demonstrated as a store app but has not been published there yet). I am a software developer and as far as I can tell there isn't any technical impediments for publishing it in the Store. The only things that are not supported for desktop apps in the Windows Store are device drivers and windows services. It would certainly be my preferred way to purchase it! I love how clean and safe the Store makes it to install and remove apps, not to mention the auto updates and how it takes care of licensing. I'll buy it anyway, but I really don't want to buy now from Serif's site, only to have it be available in the Windows Store shortly. Of course, that would not be an issue at all if users that buy from Serif site now could get a code for the Windows Store later. It will be a shame if this great app isn't made available in the Windows Store, specially since the Mac version is in the iTunes Store.
  8. @rohde, This is a regular Win32 app, not a UWP app. UWP are supported only on Windows 10 through the Store and this app is supported on Windows 7 and up. I suppose it is done in C, and that is how source code is shared. I am hoping Serif will make them (Designer and Photo) available in the Windows Store when released, since as of July it supports publishing Win32 apps (project Centennial). Microsoft already demonstrated a working version of Photoshop as a Centennial app, but it would be amazing if Serif beat them to the punch and published their apps in the Store before Adobe. It would certainly be the way I'd like to purchase them. It would also be a nice way to expose the new app to lots of people and gain traction, without having to compromise on supporting only Windows 10.
  9. Just to let people know, since nobody has posted the informantion in this topic yet: the first beta of Affinity Photo for Windows went public today :) I already downloaded but didn't have time yet to start playing with it. The only thing I did so far was run to see if it installed ok and tried opening a RAW file from my Panasonic DMC-FZ18, and it worked :) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/34-affinity-photo-on-windows-beta/
  10. Nice list of fixes. Getting closer and closer to release. Great work guys and congrats on the 1.5 release for the Mac. I'm here crossing my fingers that the Windows release is also almost there, and also hoping it`ll be available in the Windows Store as well as Serif's site. I can hardly wait for the final version and the beginning of the beta for Affinity Photo :)
  11. I've been using the beta of Affinity Designer for Windows for over a month now and I'm loving it. I am a software developer that likes to play with design sometimes, but I really don't like the subscription model now enforced by Adobe, so working with layouts created in Photoshop used to be a PITA until I saw the beta of Affinity Designer for Windows became available. I will purchase as soon as it is released, and I believe most (if not all) of my coworkers will do it too. I am hoping it'll be released in the Windows Store as well and in Serif's site, since now (as of August 2016) the Windows Store allows the distribution of regular Win32 apps, not only UWP ones. Are there any news on when should we expect the beta for Affinity Photo to begin?
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