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    Yes, the Publisher studiolink version are NOT the full version of the applications Designer, Photo. For 100% application specific tools and configurations you need to use the stand alone application and not the one in Publisher. I did not know this either until recently.
  2. Export them to an image format that designer can import. Try exporting as PDF and see if designer imports it correctly? Affinity applications do not understand animation so you will get either a single frame or blank frame when importing animated assets. You could also try to export the adobe created assets out into individual images, frame by frame {png, jpg, tiff).
  3. This thread needs to be pinned to the top of the forum. A lot of my issues are stemming from the memory leaks of the Affinity applications. I have similar type of experience with the stand alone Designer application and after a few hours or less I have to reboot my computer. Publisher is worse. Windows 7 Pro 64Bit 16GB Ram, max supported
  4. Yes, there is mention in the forum's that you have to upgrade to the newest 1.7.1 for this to work. Apparently if you have an older version of any of the applications this method will not work. I did not know that at the time of my post above.
  5. It is the identical process you have to do in the stand alone application, you just repeat that process within the Publisher versions. All the vector based brushes end up in Designer and the pixel or rastor brushes end up in Photo. Click the appropriate section within Publisher.. Designer or Photo. Select for example the Brushes panel and click on the drop down menu on the far right of the panel and choose "Import Brushes..." Then you do the same process for Assets, Styles, Swatches etc... which and what ever additional content you have. You just have to import everything again manually into both programs. Note that the brushes you import will automatically divert to the appropriate application, Designer or Photo, so if you do not see what you just imported switch applications and you will see them. I made the mistake of repeating the imports because I did not see the brushes I just imported and ended up have 5 copies of the brush categories imported into Photo / Designer, which I had to manually delete the copies. In Publisher if you have all three applications, Designer is primarily Vector.. Photo is Rastor image manipulation with all the appropriate tools for that... and you can easily switch between all three to work on the content. Can be confusing when looking for a certain brush and you realize you are in the wrong application section. Saves confusion though having everything separated instead of in one massive UI.
  6. In Affinity Photo the background erase tool works very well, though you have to manually go through and erase the fine areas. I used this tool to remove the background from some intricate 3D geometry and it was very easy to select the correct colors in tight spaces. In my opinion this tool is the most accurate I have ever used for background removing. Though it is not a one click and done for you tool.
  7. I use Libre Office and in that application I have the ability to add pertinent information into the PDF itself so it can be read in the properties detail of the file when viewed from windows explorer -> properties. I also have the ability to lock and password protect the PDF. I understand that this is easily defeated and is not all that secure but I appreciate the ability to do this if and when I choose anyway. In Publisher there is mention of "Security" but nothing is actually detailed about this in the help file and there is no UI access to any security features of any kind. Which is confusing since the mention of new Security is in there but when clicking it goes to nothing related to security of any kind. I would like to be able to include Author and other pertinent information within the saving options of PDF export as well as be given options to lock the file for changing, copying etc... just like Libre Office provides. When I import the publisher created PDF into Libre Office the images and outline display different and image placeholder frames no longer contain the cropped image but instead shows the entire image with the outline of the image frame in the center of the image. I am however allowed to secure and add information to the PDF and save it out but the layout is different. Would be nice to include this ability in Publisher itself without need of 3rd party software, paid or free.
  8. I just want to say that this experience with my keyboard becoming strange over time with the Affinity Applications in theory should have nothing to do with these applications. I have a couple other USB keyboards and I tested them out on different USB ports and the same thing has occurred with each of them. I ONLY experience this with Affinity, I first experienced this with Designer. Shift and CTRL keys periodically become "stuck" on. I have to repeatedly press these keys to "unstick" them but over time this "fix" stops working I have to reboot the computer if I am using the applications for hours at a time.
  9. The Addons for Affinity Designer and Photo are not automatically included in the Publisher versions of these applications. I had to manually load them in. It would be better for all the settings and added brushes, styles etc... loaded into both applications to automatically come into Publisher's version of these applications as well. I do not know if they are separate from publisher and a check occurs if they exist and the UI's are embedded into publisher if they are OR if they are included directly into the application and only become available if the standalone applications are installed and license is paid version. Whatever way, these applications need to be IDENTICAL and from what I see they are not.
  10. I experienced this also. What you have to do is start Publisher then open Affinity Photo and Designer and then close them. This allows the StudioLink to register these applications then close publisher and restart it. You should NOW have access within Publisher to all three areas.
  11. I see that you support DocX files.. I do not use Microsoft Office, instead I use Libre Office and they use ODT files. I can save out to docx but I primarily use the native ODT file format. Please add the ability to open ODT files inside Publisher.
  12. If you have a way to open an application in your OS that displays the CPU and Memory usage of applications, open that and look at Affinity Photo and other Affinity apps you have. You need to start the applications first and then look at the memory usage. If it steadily increases with no end in sight then YES it will eventually cause your computer to come to a halt.
  13. Windows 7 X64 16GB Ram I use both a USB wired keyboard and a logitech wireless mouse. The issue seems to be with the keyboard while using Affinity Publisher. After a certain amount of time, random time passes. The shift and ctrl keys become "stuck" which prevents selecting single elements, layers etc.. and certain keys become remapped such as ESC key becomes the windows key. This ONLY and I mean ONLY occurs via Affinity Publisher, Designer and Photo after a period of time. I also noticed certain features in the software become unresponsive over time, like selecting menu items, CTRL-Z does not work etc... Closing the applications sometimes corrects the issue but most of the time I have to reboot. Looking at the task manager Affinity Publisher is in the GB's of memory usage, 3 to +10GB and the entire computer just becomes unresponsive. These symptoms ONLY occur when I use Affinity applications, no other application results in these behaviors. I thought that maybe the keyboard or ports are failing but this does not seem to be the case.
  14. Publisher has a large memory leak. When opening the application and watching the memory usage in windows task manager the memory steadily increases with no stop or limit. The memory used increases exponentially the larger the file becomes I am working in. There is never a reach a certain range and stop it just keeps steadily increasing until the computer becomes unresponsive. Windows 7 x64 16GB Ram Current version of Publisher, Photo and Designer.
  15. I noticed that there is a large memory leak on Windows 7 for all the Affinity applications. Eventually requires computer reboot. I really notice it with Publisher though.