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  1. Hello Sean P. Actually, I was drawing a selection with the pen tool. Below is screenshot with what I could draw using the Affinity Photo. Another point tomention is that application performance is reduced while using the pen tool (when pan on the screen you can see clearly the performance loss). ​The image in screenshot is part of a 24 megapixel image (on a 1080p monitor). Please, forgive my bad english.
  2. Hello. I'm having crashs in Affinity Photo ( when I'm doing extensive and complex selections using the pen tool. The application simply closes unexpectedly. When I open it again, it gives the option to open a backup, but the same is always well behind in relation to the point that the application crashed.
  3. I bought the Affinity Designer with the intention to no longer depend on other software like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, otherwise it would be just another software, there would be no reason to purchase it (even more so considering the fact that the CorelDraw can import EPS files, AI, etc).
  4. Hello. Recently I was trying to import the macros provided as a gift in the purchase of Affinity Photo, but I found a problem in importing: files have the .afmacros extension, but when you import these files the program searches for .afmacro files (without the letter S at the end). I tried to import such files by removing such letter of extension, but in this situation, despite the program pass to see the extension he can't import. I look forward to returning with such bug correction. ​Best regards.
  5. Hey guys, Make the Affinity Designer able to import filesfrom CorelDraw (CDR files), because Corel has many users on the Windows platform, maybe we are more in number than the total users of Adobe Illustrator throughout the Mac platform.
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