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  1. I do really enjoy Affinity Designer. I find it easy to use and a solid replacement for Draw, AI etc. I have been using and testing a range of software packages and using a new one is not that bad in my opinion. I have been using a Mac for years past the utility of Draw and do not have the ability to use it as a medium for converting files to PDF, eps, svg, etc. Plus I think as others have mentioned upon some of these conversion the files are not exactly the same. Thus it would be fantastic to have native .cdr import functionality in Designer. Thanks!
  2. Yes, you can export .cdr files as eps, ai, etc, but that assumes one has access to a copy of draw. If not, and you have an archive of files you would like to use again, or a client provides you with only .cdr file you need a path to import native .cdr files
  3. I would certainly like to see a CorelDraw (.CDR) importer in Designer too! There are more users, and ex-users, of CorelDraw than people think. I would like to see import functionality added for versions 10 - current for .cdr files.