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  1. We are not talking about the mouse cursor but the brush cursor. i.e. the actual shape of the brush when you paint. But maybe Ball Photo was not, regardless, as far as I could understand, its the actual lack of brush shape options that hinders the usability of the application. The Mouse pointer is fine tho.
  2. Its been many years of people asking for a robust solution for a cursor, no update has resolved this issue yet tho. This thread deals with your request: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/115185-cursor-for-tools/&tab=comments#comment-624780
  3. Really? that is kinda hilarious I mean I would love to have that, as my painting workflow makes heavy use of the outline of the brush and the tilt function of the stylus to draw thick or thin lines just by angling the stylus differently, but I need to see how the brush shape is changing so I'm certain of the shape size and direction of stroke before I make it, wouldn't be great for me to get the interface you have atm, and you to get mine?, hopefully at some point Serif will realize just how important to their product this feature is and make a robust cursor UI. I dont want to force people to have an outline, I think we all be served better with a toggle and several option as to how the brush outline can be presented, Clips Studio solution is wonderful, even better than Photoshop's in some regards, something similar would be wonderful to have here. This lack of a feature has prevented me from using Affinity Designer for a whole year, as I simply can't paint properly or use the brushes I like, and since I have a very long muscle memory as how I work to try to switch to a non existent cursor workflow is not worth the time, so I'm sticking to Photoshop, not because it has the best solutions in terms of brush engine and effects, but because I have such a long muscle memory that switching is extremely impractical, I would already need to re-create all my brushes in Affinity, and find where all the equivalent effects I use more often are, then adding not being able to see the cursor makes the switch just way to much of a problem, if they add the outline I would jump into the app right away, it has so many interesting features... that I can't use yet. I'm puzzled as to why they have not worked on this for so much time, I mean one would image they want to compete and increase their user base, Clip Studio finally realized how important this is, and now I'm using the app for my inks, (the vector inking is unparalleled on that app, but without a proper cursor I could not try it properly) Affinity designer has the potential to really be the main painting solution for concept designers, and this seemingly simply feature would actually make them way more user friendly for those that are on the fence as to switching or at least making much more use of their application even if they have a very long muscle memory of using Photoshop for many, many, years.
  4. There are other options besides Affinity, but imho at the moment this is the best competitor Photoshop has in terms of functionality, it has better clone layers, a robust layer effect system (emboss, bevel, and glow effects in Affinity are way more advanced than the ones Photoshop has) and GPU acceleration is being implemented on the application as well, if only Serif would fix the cursor, I would, and I image many others would try to incorporate the application as their main one. It boggles the mind as to why they don't think this is a priority, its a feature that is core to being able to use the application freely no matter your workflow, which in turn would make the application way more competitive, Clip Studio just updated their cursor systems to also have several different brush previews, including having the actual brush shapes outline visible while hovering with the stylus and to register the tilt direction on the brush in real time as well, and so now I'm starting to use Clip Studio waaaay more, but it does not have bevel and emboss effects among its tool set, Affinity Designer however does, which would make at the moment the most robust painting solution besides Photoshop... alas in the last update an outline for the cursor is still missing. So... back to waiting.
  5. Its already off, and this is its unlikely to change, I would love however to have a toggle, so both you and the people that want an outline can use the application.
  6. I'm just realizing the even the current brush preview that is less than optimal only shows when I use the mouse, if I use my stylus the brush preview disappears instantly, so that means the devs made the app to be very optimized for ipad, however this left any desktop user (or an user that needs precision in the ipad) without options and even the current options don't work, ill check every one once in a while to see if this gets implemented one day, I have a feel this will not happen this year, nor the next, I dare Serif to prove me wrong, I'm saddened that I cant use the app with all the speed improvements it has because of this.
  7. Yes that is why I advocate for toggles, that way people like you can remove the cursor and people like me can have it, the best of both worlds and the user base of the app will increase.
  8. And this thread from 2017 which is also asking for the opposite, if the devs see this post, please just give us a toggle to have an outline that works like photoshop, the current non intrusive outline is good for the people that are in between, and then no preview for the people that just don't like the feature, that covers all bases and worflows.
  9. Its funny, I want the opposite that what this thread is suggesting, well... what I really want is toggles for both workflows, not what they implemented currently, which is a brush preview that is nearly invisible, or no preview at all.
  10. and on 2016 too, I wished they would have left this option as a toggle instead of getting rid of it al together.
  11. Yeah I made a thread for this same thing a year ago, funnily enought some years a go there was a thread of people asking for no cursor previews, so what Serif seems to have done then, is make a very light and nearly invisible brush preview, which pleased the people asking for no preview, and made people like us that want one, unable to see feedback from the brushes, I wished they would have gone to a more robust cursor route and instead of getting rid of the brush preview nearly all together, and that they would have given us the option to have: a brush nozzle outline preview, to not have it, or to have the current semi transparent cursor preview, this would allow for different painting workflows, and at least in my case would have made me a heavy user of the application, but as it is right now I cant jump ship from photoshop to designer, I need to see the brush outline to paint.
  12. A new version of Affinty was out, so I installed it to see if by any chance more options for different cursor workflows were implemented, Im sadden to see this was not the case, I want to replace photoshop on my pipeline but I cant because of this. I hope this is implemented some day, cheers!
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