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  1. Thank you, a very good idea!
  2. affinity designer

    Maybe it`s just your monitor?
  3. affinity designer

    Hi Kevin, i mean only the two lapel shadows where i pointed to.
  4. affinity designer

    I really like it. Nice colours and style. Is the grayish shadow colour intended?
  5. Very good.
  6. (:

    Hmmm, a mixture of language barrier, ignorance and bad behavior? @Tamir what Programm do you use for creating your "The-Red-Camel-(App-Design)"?
  7. Hello @Cglot, i don't know in which order the setting in Lightroom apply to image and i'm too lazy to figure it out, so i don't try to mimic Lightroom in Affinity Photo... But i (tryed to) replicated the image style in AP. Some notes: - The start/before photo in the YouTube-video has already strong white balance settings, the screen shot is therefore problematic. - Your HSL-Settings affecting the Master-channel (all colours), but in the tutorial, the colours are separately edited. I attached my final/after image based on a screen shot and a Affinity Photo file (Brandon Woelfel Style.afphoto) with all adjustment layers i used. I hope you find it helpful. Brandon Woelfel Style.afphoto
  8. I know this under the name cameramapping. Here is a nice Blender-tutorial: Affinity Photos Impaint and mask refinment functions should be really helpful for creating the textures.
  9. affinity designer

    Impressive! Only one little thing... For me it looks like the tires are floating in the air, because of missing ambient occlusion. A little bit of harder shodows where the tires contact the ground...
  10. Really nice and useful idea.
  11. Hello, here some styles, you may like... Some of the styles are two layer based: Glass, SwampCamping and SanFrancisco. ( As soon as I have more time, I will write an additional tutorial. ) Have fun. TextFX_05.afdesign MartinsTextStyles1.afstyles
  12. Impressive work!
  13. Don't be fooled by the final Image. The Image took me about 20 hours to make. It's her second head/face and the hair(most time consuming) changed three times. And MakeHuman helped me a lot for the proportions and the pose.
  14. Many thanks to all of you
  15. Hello, this image is my first bigger attempt to get more familiar with Affinity Designer. It's also my first manga/anime themed Image since 10 or 15 Years. I infrequently use Designer and when then for fixing PDFs, creating logos and other smaller/quick jobs. Fun-Fact: This Image started as rainy cyperpunk (Bladerunner) city scene, with her in one of the shop windows in the Background. Because lack of time ... :-)