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  1. MartinB78

    [Affinity Photo] - Pimp my RAW file thread !

    With replaced sky...
  2. MartinB78

    [Affinity Photo] - Pimp my RAW file thread !

    Everything is done in AP, no plug-ins or external Images. I don't uploaded the AP-Source-file, because it's over 570MB big. :-)
  3. MartinB78

    Going mad with Style(s)

    In the fx-settings, there is a opacity percent value seting to left of the close-button. At 100% your text is fully visible again. I don't know how it's called in engish, because i use german version of AF.
  4. MartinB78

    HaldCLUT LUTs for Affinity

    Source Code and Windows .exe are now on GitHub. https://github.com/MartinBusse/HaldCLUT-to-Cube-Converter
  5. MartinB78

    Photo to Painting

    I added a small tutorial of my workflow here: Link
  6. Hello, here my Workflow for faking acrylic paintings in Affinity Photo using FotoSketcher(Freeware). I'm using FotoSketcher(.com) for the brushstroke effects. (PhotoArtist, AutoFX AutoMagic or Topaz Impression should work too, but not tested) Form the source image i generate 4 images with different minimal brush sizes, normaly 40, 20, 10 and 5. FotoSketcher settings: Painting 7(Gemälde 7). Have a look at the attached afphoto file. (It's simple, but complicated to explain) The images with thick brush strokes(40, 20) are used for the background and the remaining two images(10, 5) are for the subject und fine details. In Affinity Photo (or Designer) the image with bigest strokes gets loaded and used as main background and the others used as layers on top. My next step is adding layer masks and inverting (strg + i) them. A white brush on the mask is used to paint back the details. The Layer with fines strokes is only used for the face/eyes and other important details. Affinity Photo only: Now i combine the layers to a new layer for a paint effect. Dublicate the layer and apply "find edges" filter. Invert it (strg+i) and use curves to intens the borders. These two layers are needed for Lighting-Live-Effect and texture settings and notice the layer blending settings. Because i used a bw image as sample, i added some colour with extra layer ("Basecolour"). The last three layers adding some artistic feel to image. Colour variation layer: Colour variation are often used in paintings to fake details and add more life to a images. Warm layer: Add a warm orange colour tint to sun lit surfaces. Cold layer: To add a blueish ambient tint to some shadows. ps. You can use load you own brush as image in FotoSketcher. In Brush.zip are my test brushes. Brushes.zip Max_Schreck.afphoto
  7. MartinB78

    HaldCLUT LUTs for Affinity

    Sorry, i used 7z for the zip-file with less common LZMA-compression, because of the better compression rate.
  8. MartinB78

    HaldCLUT LUTs for Affinity

    For RawTherapee there is a nice collection of Hald Color Look-Up Tables, that i was missing in Affinity. So i started to programming and 400 Lines of c++ later, i had a nice converter... Over 300 LUTs of (old) analog films (BW / Colour) and colour effects. Look at the attached ZIP-File. (80 MB compressed, uncompressed 365 MB) The HaldCLUT LUT-Files are not created by me (one exception). License (CC BY-SA 4.0) is included. Have fun with it... ps. I am thinking about to relase the converter(Win/C++) (MIT-license) too. If you interessed, write me a message/post. HaldCLUT_for_Affinity.zip
  9. MartinB78

    Mandala maker

    Thank you, a very good idea!
  10. MartinB78

    Retro City Woman

    Maybe it`s just your monitor?
  11. MartinB78

    Retro City Woman

    Hi Kevin, i mean only the two lapel shadows where i pointed to.
  12. MartinB78

    Retro City Woman

    I really like it. Nice colours and style. Is the grayish shadow colour intended?
  13. MartinB78

    Vector Apple

    Very good.
  14. MartinB78


    Hmmm, a mixture of language barrier, ignorance and bad behavior? @Tamir what Programm do you use for creating your "The-Red-Camel-(App-Design)"?
  15. Hello @Cglot, i don't know in which order the settings in Lightroom apply to the image and i'm too lazy to figure it out, so i don't try to mimic Lightroom in Affinity Photo... But i (tryed to) replicated the image style in AP. Some notes: - The start/before photo in the YouTube-video has already strong white balance settings, the screen shot is therefore problematic. - Your HSL-Settings affecting the Master-channel (all colours), but in the tutorial, the colours are separately edited. I attached my final/after image based on a screen shot and a Affinity Photo file (Brandon Woelfel Style.afphoto) with all adjustment layers i used. I hope you find it helpful. Brandon Woelfel Style.afphoto