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  1. Hello @Gabe, was the screen recording helpful so that you could reproduce the problem? Many thanks in advance. - Martin
  2. Hello Gabe, Sorry, I thought there was a page break at the end of page 6, but it is just a normal line break. I have uploaded a screen recording. After deleting the page break on page 7, I can click into the text frame once more, but after that it is not possible to enter text. Also the cursor cannot be moved anymore. In the recording you can see how I try to change the position of the cursor by double clicking. Many thanks in advance. - Martin
  3. Hello Gabe, on page 6 is a page break marker, replace it with a normal line break and directly on the next page is another page break after "Muskelpumpe", replace it also with a normal break. A short moment later the input into the text frame does not react anymore. I can replicate the problem on 3 different Windows 10 Pro systems (4 GB notebook, 8 and 16 GB desktop PCs). Windows and Publisher run as German version. I am currently working from home and unfortunately I don't have the missing file/resource here either, but the resource has no noticeable influence on the problem. Many thanks in advance. - Martin
  4. Hello Gabe, Thank you very much for responding to my question. Unfortunately I can't upload the file, because the upload aborts after about 10%. Is there a size limit for the upload? The Publisher file is 12 MB in size. After many tries the upload worked.
  5. Hello, with a more complex document (62 pages) I have a kind of program crash. It doesn't crash the whole program, but a small text change (deleting a page break marker) in a text frame makes further inputs/changes impossible. The cursor flashes but does not react anymore. It is also no longer possible to save the file. The error can be reproduced on different devices. Can I send the file (to the Support/DevTeam) without it being public? A solution of the problem would help us a lot. Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Jon, Because I' m home now, I use my private profile. ToC crash: Removing the pins/pinning was also my workaround. Text frame moving crash: It crashes every time on my first/main Monitor, but not on the secound one. Here are some background details about the document: It is a recreation of a Word 2013 file. All texts were first copied into a text editor (Notepad) and then pasted into Publisher to remove all formatting. The images were transferred directly to Publisher using Copy/Paste.
  7. Maybe these older styles from me are also interesting for you...
  8. Hello, I have created several text effects, which I would like to share with you. The first three effects are the most interesting. Effects one and two use live scattering filters and blur to create a stamping effect on normal text/fonts. The second effect adds a noise filter to simulate heavy wear, which is different one every letter. The third effect is the typical vintage 3D effect. The effects are created by layering several live filters and effects. 4 and 5 are just tests/bonus. :-) Advantage: The effects and the text remains editable. Disadvantage: Memory and processor have to work more. The recommended application is to open the text effect file in another window, enter the desired text and then copy over the group. Use the effects in your work as you like. (Public Domain) (But please don't sell the text effects as such.) Have fun, Martin Stamp-Vintage-3D-Text-Effects(Forum-Affinity-MartinB78).afphoto
  9. In the adjustment layers ist a adjustment layer called LUT (Look Up Table). There you can open the cube-files.
  10. After a BSOD-crash of my computer, i can't close "Photo" normaly. Only the hard way with the taskmanager. "Photo" was opening a file at the time of the crash. Now every time i try to close the programm, i get the message that a file is currently loading and the progrann can't close because of that. Any Idea to fix this?
  11. Everything is done in AP, no plug-ins or external Images. I don't uploaded the AP-Source-file, because it's over 570MB big. :-)
  12. In the fx-settings, there is a opacity percent value seting to left of the close-button. At 100% your text is fully visible again. I don't know how it's called in engish, because i use german version of AF.
  13. Source Code and Windows .exe are now on GitHub. https://github.com/MartinBusse/HaldCLUT-to-Cube-Converter
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