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  1. As a "Sunday RAW picture developper", I'm very happy with the much improved performance on Mojave ! The current 1.6 retail version was unusable for me (MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2017), with this beta I'm finally able to produce my panoramas and change develop settings and get immediate response, instead of waiting sometimes almost 30 seconds. Thanks !
  2. Wow ! I love how you were able to extract so many details in the sky ! I had tried to play with highlight and shadows but never was able to get such a good result. May I ask how did you do it ? That's .. an interesting approach with the colors But nice job to make the boat and statue become more vivid
  3. Hello everyone ! I just wanted to start a new thread with some creativity First, I'm an amateur photograph and by no way I am gifted at all the professional photo editing; while there are tons of tutorials in affinity photo, I can't seem to be able to have "the best result" ouf of my pictures. That's why I decided to give the community a try by sharing some of my RAW images and what I could do with them on my own. Then, you guys could try and edit the image with your own ideas and creativity. I think it would allow beginner people like me to have other thoughts and ideas during the post process operation. The rules are simple : - Only use Affinity Photo - Try and avoid using external plugins (Nik's collection for example, or specify when used) - Upload your own results in good quality (download file is much appreciated) - If you want the community to pimp your image, the RAW you submit must be free of use (non commercial, for training only, etc) - If you want, detail the process of operations (curves used, shadows, filters, etc...) - Have fun, and open mind in critics ! Not everybody is using professional gear So I'm gonna start with a couple of samples : Copenhagen Picture 1 : Link to RAW file And my edit (I want to create a wallpaper for my phone but I'm not happy of my result) : Copenhagen Picture 2 : RAW File link My edit : India - Hyderabad Link to RAW file My edit : Thanks, and happy editing !
  4. Awesome news Can't wait to try the highlight and shadows as well during the weekend. Do you have some good "commercial" Before/After comparisons of the algorithms ? Thanks Serif team !!
  5. Hello ! I'm currently uploading a couple of pictures from my last trip to India and Rome, both JPEG and CR2 from my Canon 600D with a Tamron 16-300. Hope that helps !
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