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  1. There would be nothing that would make me happier in this life, als having, in the desktop versions of both Affinity Designer and Photo, the same kind of panels as in the iPad app. Specially because of the Swatches panel. I've got the problem that I can't see the colours properly when they are all together. The circles with the colours separated by a little bit of the background colour are great and much more inspiring. If not everybody might agree with me, you could at least include this as an extra Display Mode, called "Tablet View" or something like that. <3
  2. You do know that you shouldn't be using beta software for any official/serious/commercial/important work, don't you?
  3. Thank you for these great brushes, Stuart!
  4. Hello, today I've been having fun with the Tone Mapping Persona and I wanted to share these 20 portrait presets with you. Of course, you can use them on anything that is not a portrait, too. Enjoy! Antonio Santos 20 Portrait Presets.aftonemap
  5. Hello. I'm beginning to desperate, because I've got hundreds of brushes and the Brush Panel doesn't help me at all. I would need: 1. A Brush Manager or something similar, where I can easily select 50 brushes and move them from one category to another (I'm going crazy by having to select one brush at a time and clicking "Move brush to Category". It would be great to have something like the Extras Manager from ON1 Photo (see attached screenshot). if you would make it like this, one could manage the Styles from there, too, in the same way than the brushes. and 2. List View in the Brush Panel. Just the brush stroke and the brush size don't help me much. One more view would be great: "Show as a List", with the brush name and a small thumbnail to the left. If you're not ever going to make something like this, please tell me, because I can't keep on working like this. Thank you.
  6. Sort Swatches by Colour in the Swatches panel is good... But to be able to sort the swatches by Hue, Saturation or Lightness would be great and very useful. Is this possible? Please! :) :)
  7. Stuart, thank you very much! The brushes are great! B) :)
  8. Will Affinity Designer ever offer the possibility to Outline Strokes (not only for strokes made with the "Basic" set of vector brushes, but for any other vector brush, too) and / or the possibility to Trace an Image? This is what I miss most in Affinity Designer, compared to Illustrator. I can't imagine working with vectors without having these essential tools. ☹️ Just would like to know if there are any plans to make this and when. Thank you.
  9. Hello, maybe I am not too clever, but I can't get to create a style with an embedded texture in Affinity Designer. The funny thing is that I've been trying about ten times, and one of the times I could create the style... Sadly I can't remember how I did it.
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