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  1. TRO CHOI DAN GIAN - FOLK GAME in TET Tha Dieu Nhay Day Rong Ran Len Cay
  2. KHAY MUT - Dried candied fruits Download afdesign file Mut Bi Mut Sen Mut Dua Hot Dua Theo Leo Cuc Chuot
  3. MAM NGU QUA - Five fruits set on ancestors altar (set 2) Download afdesign file Pineapple Dragon fruit Orange Banana
  4. MAM NGU QUA - Five fruits set on ancestors altar Download afdesign file ----------------------------------------- COCONUT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MANGO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAPAIN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIG ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTARD APPLE
  5. Dear @Smee Again. It isn't the last drawing. I haven't finished yet.
  6. HOA MAI - HOA DAO Viet Nam TET holidays are coming soon. I'm glad to share with you my drawing the Apricot Blossom and the Peach Blossom in Affinity Designer for the traditional lunar new year CANH TY. The Peach Blossom - HOA DAO Download afdesign file The Ochna integerrima - HOA MAI Download afdesign file CHEER!!
  7. Dear all, I have just completed a interesting tutorial on Affinity Designer on Mac. Please have a look. Link youtube:
  8. Hi all, I have just finished a tutorial for making an 3D photo on facebook. Please, have a look. link facebook Link youtube (tutorial)
  9. This is my way to create a glass broken text on Affinity Designer iPad. Any comment pls. Link youtube:
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