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  1. same problem, I can't find anything adapt to send my work to other people with Indesign
  2. Believe me or not, I searched, that is how discovered the multi-platform use. But I didn't find an answer about the versions! No individual delusions of greatness Anyway, thank you!
  3. Hi you all, I have two questions about the license. I have read that it is possible to install it in multiple devices. I have a laptop and desktop, both windows. Is it possible? When you write "Updates available as we improve", it means also if you produce a new version with a different number? Example, I bought 1.8, you will update my version up to 1.9/2.0? Thank you in advance, Best V
  4. Hi you all, as demonstrated in this topic: (link below) I would like a major compatibility with pdfs. Many links are pdfs, clients send pdfs and so on. Transforming each in jpeg to have the exact visualization is a lost of time in many cases. It is ok only for long and organized projects, not for fast deadlines and easy communications. Thank you
  5. Thank you both! Since I work a lot with pdfs, if I can give a feedback, this is a serious issue that Affinity team should face. At least the possibility, with a checking box, to decide if it has only to "read" or read and modify pdfs as you say. It is a lot of hours of work more indeed in this way. Thank you
  6. Indeed I am able to print it, but he isn't. Mmm... maybe the client has an older version of pdf? Thank you, I try to save it again
  7. Hi you all, I exported my presentation as a pdf and sent it to my client, in order to view it and print it. But he can't print it, as it is protected. I have seen the settings, but I don't find where I can remove this protection. Can you help me? Thank you
  8. The file is pdf, realized with a cad software (Nanocad). I attach an example. The problem is for all the linked pdf files with these characteristics. soggiorno 0.pdf
  9. Thanks to you! ps. sorry, this is a windows bug. Perhaps I posted in the wrong section.
  10. I often use recurrent schemes/template. For example: a project in which PLAN.PDF is linked, and in second page the same file PLAN.PDF with a zoom in it (400% for example). there are several issues about it: if I substitute a link (for example I want to to the same example with another apartment), the software forget the zoom, the rotation of the file. I have to manually do it again can I write in a precise way the percentage I need? Thank you
  11. Hi! Thanks both as first thing. The program was Vray. I attach the photo here: 1b.tif
  12. hi you all, I rendered an image, but Affinity Photo displays it totally white, even Affinity Publisher. If I open the photo with windows photo viewer, I can see it. What should I do? Codec missing? Thank you
  13. Hi you all, my feedback/request concerns links. I have files that last from years - example, portfolio - for which is essential working above all with linked files (paths, weight etc.). the position of the resource manager, which can't be a flexible panel, is very uncomfortable. see the paths - all together - for all linked files select a single image/linked file and have the possibilty to update when I link again a file, I substitute it, it "forgets" the previous settings -> if the image was rotated, the percentage of zoom and so on. I don't know why, but it is not possible to me to transform from embed to linked files, buttons aren't available. Best V
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