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  1. hi you all, I didn't read the whole discussion. Is there something about it in the new versions? I am needing it right at this moment
  2. I am trying to simplyfy my kind of work, in order to communicate better the needs. Otherwise, trust me with Global Layers, I would put so much less effort with all the tasks - indeed I am not questioning it is ok for you
  3. I simplified my case. As reported before I never place something once and for all
  4. for both uses. Imagine a 250 pages book on which I need to update 10 pages. Task: I need to correct a recurrent name - in the layers "English" and "Italian" - and the position of some photos, in the layer "photo" for example. - If I DON'T use Masters layers, I can edit the positioning of photos without additional clicks. But I have to switch on or off each Italian layer or English layer in each page I need to modificate its text (10 times). At the end, for exporting, I need to switch on or off 250 times. - If I USE Masters layers, each photo should be detached (10 sessions of detaching). But I can switch only ONCE Italian or English, for all of the corrections, and its exporting. Then, yes, I prefer Masters layers. But something is missing, because the detaching makes the process longer respect than global layers.
  5. Hi Ecifircas, if you are working with Indesign, you are working with Global Layers. If you work with Affinity Publisher, each page has its own layers. Only with masters layers you can have the same layers similar to Indesign. The difference is that to move-modify an object in a page you have to apply a permission. If you try your work into Affinity Publisher I think the difference will be more clear
  6. Hi you all, with the respect of all of your opinions, and without the intent to bother you I add my opinion too! If this system actually work for all of you, I am happy with that. But maybe a lot of people are a little bit while working struggling as I do. Then, here it is my case: I often work with creative documents, with several pages (like 100) and two languages. I always check, revision, edit my texts and objects, until exhaustion (it's part of the creative process)... they are never positioned by me once and forever - without modifications - for the whole process. But these files also last for years in some cases, then it is not "ok creative part is done", or "ok let's export and now I finished". They are cyclical. Update, export, update, change, export, update, export... etc. This means that: 1-- If I use Master layers -> I will lose a lot of time in the creative process. And it is a lot, I can ensure it. 2-- If I don't use Master Layers -> I will lose a lot of time on switching on-off page by page the language I don't need, everytime I have to update and export my files. I do it continuously Then, I would appreciate to ADD (not replacing) the current feature with a Global Layer behavior!
  7. Hi Old Bruce, yes, but the solution is to "loose" something useful to save time. It is not a disrespect for those who work on this software, or the desire to bother others. I wanted to understand if there was a faster method, I understand from these answers that no, and that the developers are carrying it out. Answering to your proposal, my case is the following: - I have a 100 page portfolio, in Italian and English. 1-- If I use Master layers -> I will lose a lot of time in the creative process 2-- If I don't use Master Layers -> I will lose a lot of time on switching on-off page by page the language I don't need everytime I have to update and export my cv-portfolio. Since I have this portfolio since 2013, and periodically I change it... in my case, perhaps, I prefer to loose time with Master Layers.
  8. yes, I don't want to be impolite to all of them do not agree with this point of view, but that's correct, thomaso understood exactly what I was asking. I was able to switch-on and off by the use of Master-layers, but the detaching process make my work much longer. If in your case not, ok, happy for you, but in some other kinds of work I can ensure it is like this. In my case for example. I always check, revision, edit my texts and objects, until exhaustion (it's part of the creative process)... they are never positioned by me once and forever, without modifications - for the whole process. I was searching for a behavior similar to those Global Layers you are mentioning (have I understood correctly? Are they under process by programmers)?
  9. Thanks for all of you first of all! I attach a sample of my project (but also another one works the same). I correct myself: I can type, but I can't move the object sample.afpub
  10. yes, the problem is not switching off or on (that one is solved). The question is that, with this procedure, if I want to change the text, the image... BEFORE I need to give the permission. Thank you anyway! to Hens: yes, the problem is not more switching them off. The problem is that with this system, modifying everything becomes longer. Any shorter system?
  11. Hi you all, I would like to understand more the functioning of layers. So perhaps if there is a guide I didn't see, link it to me and sorry for the request. QUESTION: I would like to be able to switch on or off (as in Adobe) a category of layers (example: images) for all the pages, not page by page. In a previous similar question, a user of this forum sent me an example, and I understood that it is possible to create Master-Layers (layers inside the Master), that you can find in your single page (if it has that Master applied). In this way, I can do it. I can switch on and off in the master a layer for all the pages involved with a single click. Perfect. But each time to edit that text-object in the single page, you should give a "permission", and it slows the process. See the images attached. Is there a faster way to obtain a similar result without giving this permission each time? Thank you in advance, best V
  12. It has surely a sense for the programmers, which job is far from my competencies. As users, we don't understand why to not keep this possibility, by adding a simple arrow for example - again, my comment is surely full of ignorance, but it underlines the user experience.
  13. thank you very much for your explanation and video ❤️ and yes, I agree... it has no sense
  14. Hi, very simple question: when I am editing .nef / raw files, there is the opportunity to modify rotation, distortion and so on. But it would be helpful to place a guide to check the lines of the photography. Rules are present, but when I click there nothing happen. How can I use guides in this mode? Thank you in advance Best VL
  15. thank you soooo much!! It was a "patch" of an electrical element I wanted to hide. Thank you, thank you 😍 how have you done? Best VL
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