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  1. mschwerer

    Can't generate guides

    i cleared the user settings - so it works fine
  2. mschwerer

    Can't generate guides

    no tool works for me with Sierra to set guides ;-( Mac Pro 5.1 with AMD Radeon HD 7950
  3. mschwerer

    Can't generate guides

    But you should be able to set the guides from the rulers with the cursur. Affinity designer do that. So - is it a bug ???
  4. it´s not possible to generate guides over the horizontal or vertical rulers
  5. It´s a basic function for me, to make spreads with more than 2 pages. Maybe 3 or 4. InDesign does that well and i hope so you will add this function Screenshot.pdf
  6. I Need a column configuration - like in InDesign ! Screenshot.pdf
  7. I have to thank you all for your great job !!!!
  8. no, I want to add 1 or 2 Pages beyond the other page like i can do in InDesign. I could place 3 DIN A4 Pages beyond as on page with a width of 63 cm
  9. I know that from InDesign ... you can add in a single page layout some more pages, for example 3 or 4 pages Test.mov
  10. yes - build 139 - drag and drop did not work ... can´t move pages
  11. Drag and drop a page thumbnail to a new position in the arrangement of page thumbnails. A blue vertical highlight will suggest the intended drop point. That did not work for me. Is it a bug?
  12. I wanted to have the option - like in InDesign - to have variable bleed ... especially "innen", for maybe make a printable pdf for a broshure, which has more than 8 pages.
  13. Hi, thank you. You all do a great job and I really like this software. It´s begginning to be a alternative to Adobe CC
  14. Wenn ich eine Auswahl um ein Objekt herum erstellt habe, möchte ich diese Auswahl als Pfade laden ... geht das und wie?