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  1. I have to thank you all for your great job !!!!
  2. no, I want to add 1 or 2 Pages beyond the other page like i can do in InDesign. I could place 3 DIN A4 Pages beyond as on page with a width of 63 cm
  3. I know that from InDesign ... you can add in a single page layout some more pages, for example 3 or 4 pages Test.mov
  4. yes - build 139 - drag and drop did not work ... can´t move pages
  5. Drag and drop a page thumbnail to a new position in the arrangement of page thumbnails. A blue vertical highlight will suggest the intended drop point. That did not work for me. Is it a bug?
  6. I wanted to have the option - like in InDesign - to have variable bleed ... especially "innen", for maybe make a printable pdf for a broshure, which has more than 8 pages.
  7. Hi, thank you. You all do a great job and I really like this software. It´s begginning to be a alternative to Adobe CC
  8. Wenn ich eine Auswahl um ein Objekt herum erstellt habe, möchte ich diese Auswahl als Pfade laden ... geht das und wie?