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  1. i don´t think we have to try different work-arounds and testings! It should go with PDF/X-4! Never had these problems with InDesign ! I hope you can fix it Sorry about my english
  2. I checked all - overprint doesent´t work with PDF/X-4 ! I analysed the file in Acrobat Pro 2017. I´m confused now ;-( Guess it´s a bug !!
  3. it is a simple test-Logo made with Affinity Designer. Why did it work with PDF/X-3 and not with PDF/X-4?
  4. Dear Affinity-Team - so you can delete the PDF/X-4 export option - it didn´t work with overprint. Can you fix it?
  5. The Problem ist PDF/X-4 !! Overprint did not work here - but why??? Stupid ! With PDF/X-3 compatibility, the overptint-function does work well.
  6. I want that an placed afdesign-Logo with a black Typo overprints to the background. But it did not work. Why? Test.afpub LOGO.afdesign
  7. I want to use the shortcut für "Tabstopp" in tables - it didn´t work ! Text - Einfügen - Leerzeichen und Tabstopps - Tabstop
  8. When placing an pdf-Document, the fonts that are not set to curves, publisher did not show them correct. How can i place a pdf-Document without having the original fonts?
  9. When moving spreads, it always crashes - no chance to move them anymore. Mac OS 10.12.6 and newest Beta. I switched back to the previos Beta ;-(
  10. i cleared the user settings - so it works fine
  11. no tool works for me with Sierra to set guides ;-( Mac Pro 5.1 with AMD Radeon HD 7950
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