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  1. hmmm . I have to check that. I got the same issues with Affinity 1. so what o recommend to bring the Histogram up if it's not vissible? like you can see in the video: even if its visible the changes made are not reflected in the histogram. in my mind there is a massive bug ... Peter
  2. Dear Team, I got the same issues like in Affinity1. The histogram disappears or is not properly working or simply not available. After quitting and reopening the APP everything is fine for some operations - than it disappeared again. Also the zoom factor is not working properly... What is also nerving is that there simply is no mid-tone Slider like in Photoshop or other APPs and no function (or if: I didn't noticed) for creating a big histogram where it would be much easier to make fine adjustments. The same is in Gradation. its so bumpy to do an S.Curve or fine adjustment using that tools. Thank you for your help and / or update Peter P:S. pls find attached a screenshot and a short video Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-02-05 um 09.12.33.mov
  3. I understand - BUT - so tell me some reasons, why to change to Affinity coming from Lightroom? thanks Peter
  4. o.k. folks I understand - and I can wait - BUT how do you organize your pictures right row? do you use Lightroom like me or simple Apples horrible software... thanks for a info Peter
  5. Hello, I am new here and not using Affinity products right now. May I ask you how you organize your Pictures while using Affinity products? I am using Lightroom CC now and I like the database in Lightroom. So how do you organize your Photos? Do you know if its planned to develop a Database APP for organizing pictures? thanks for your help Peter
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