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  1. I wish you would create a Microsoft Store version that used the same product key as the Affinity Store version. It would be nice if we could make use of the Microsoft Store update system or stick with the offline installer option as needed. Without having it hinge on the original purchase decision from months earlier.
  2. Have you guys considered the feasibility of creating a live collaboration feature in Affinity Publisher using Dropbox or Google Drive or OneDrive? Something similar to what Word and Excel desktops do.
  3. They already sell it on in the Microsoft Store so it shouldn't change the cost anymore than what they are already doing. But, free apps aren't charged a 30% tax and I already have a license number. So providing the app to me through the Microsoft Store shouldn't cost them anything new, other than designing to app to activate from the same license number.
  4. I wouldn't mind having a copy on Steam either. Even if it was a 30 day demo where you had to enter the license number purchased from Affinity's website. In fact that might be prefered. I run Blender through the Steam store specifically because it auto updates in the background without hassle.
  5. I figure if you do fixed layout it might as well be PDF and have greater compatibly. What advantage would an fixed layout ePub have over PDF?
  6. The future? How about the present. However, you could half way argue that publishing software like this is 90% about the visual layout, while ebook formats are barely related in that manner. So it makes sense to put ebooks lower on the list. Ebooks are probably closer to html publishing in the grand scheme. I mean really ePub is closer to the domain of traditional word processors that desktop publishers. I still want an ePub export option though.
  7. Personally I'd like to see the full desktop version of Affinity Photo and Designer running on Chromebooks with Android. The higher end Android Chromebooks need a full desktop photo editor. Can't think of a better one to have.
  8. pixelstuff

    EPUB export

    +1 Looking for epub support also.
  9. Another use, which I used to be an example of, was a Windows Desktop and MacBook Pro laptop. I finally got rid of the MacBook because I had to keep booting into Windows for Windows specific software and Apple had some of the worst Windows drivers of any manufacturer. That was 10 years ago, but at the time having cross platform apps was a nice plus and what I tried to gravitate toward. It would probably still be nice today even though my only requirement now is wanting to try out the Microsoft Store app. I'm not spending an extra $50 for the privileged though.
  10. With an email sign-in or external license number Apple wouldn't be taking a cut. It would be like publishing a free demo app which stops working after 30 days unless you signed in with a valid ID or entered a valid license number. Of course that doesn't fix the old copies that have already been purchased in the Mac and Windows store. But would allow existing Serif purchases and new customers going forward to get the cross platform ability. Regarding the number of licenses I just picked a number (similar to Adobe). Maybe it could be 5 or 10 installs before buying add-ons. Does the terms of use already limit the number of installs per license?
  11. This is what I was thinking before finding this thread. It would be nice to download the app on any supported platform, type in the serial number, and it works (perhaps limited to 2 active copies at a time). Then maybe offer $10 add-ons to increase the active copy for people with more than 2 devices, (iPad, etc) However, maybe implements too many of the negative aspects of the subscription concept where you need internet access to install the software and periodic check-ins to keep it active.
  12. Are there plans to improve the ability to drop or move a guide using any tool instead of being forced to switch back to the move tool for guide manipulation? All the Adobe tools have this incredibly convenient feature that I make use of probably dozens of times a day. The Infinity programs make that task more tedious. And, are there any plans to allow changing the rulers between percent, pixels, inches, etc directly from a right click on the rulers? And again, using any tool, instead of exclusively with the move tool? EDIT: Looks like guide creation from any tool will soon be possible. Excellent. Now if we could just change the ruler units quickly.
  13. I second this. Creating a guide from the ruler regardless of the active tool is handy, like the way Photoshop allows. It's almost frustrating having to change tools to drag out another guide.
  14. pixelstuff

    Units, percent

    I second this request for the rulers. Can we get the rulers showing percentage?
  15. The PDF import system still has issues. Like for example the "dimension" lines and text disappear when importing this for both Designer and Photo. https://s2.hmwallace.com/ul_pdfs/362251_CutoutDimensions.pdf
  16. pixelstuff

    PDF Import Still Needs Work

    Thanks. That clears up what's going on.
  17. pixelstuff

    PDF Import Still Needs Work

    This does seem to work. So it seems like a rendering glitch in Affinity Designer and Photo. No matter how far you zoom in you can't see the lines and text between the arrows until you increase stroke to at least 0.1pt. If you select one of these objects in Illustrator it shows up as having a 0.0028 pt stroke. That must be too small for Affinity Designer and Photo to recognize so they round it to zero during import. Maybe.
  18. pixelstuff

    PDF Import Still Needs Work

    Visibly it's not the same in Illustrator or Photoshop though. This is what I get when importing into Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. This is what I get when importing into Affinity Designer or Photo. None of the settings I've tried on the import dialog seems to fix it. Also no matter how far you zoom into Designer or Photo it doesn't show the missing lines or text.
  19. Good question. My guess would have been yes, but only for the kind of people paying for the more advanced Chromebooks like the Samsung and Asus tablet style units that came out this year. I know I'd buy a copy and I also get people asking me what photo editor they can use with their Chromebooks (currently telling them PhotoPea), but I don't know what the total audience would be for a $50 paid app. I sort of feel like it's still suffering from the chicken or egg situation, where if more pro apps existed then more people would be willing to pay $800 for a Chromebook or Chrome Desktop machine. Now that they have Android on them and Google is pushing for more local storage, it could be a true desktop replacement soon. I mean, do you chase the ball or try to be where the ball is headed? Also, I don't know how Serif's code is setup, but I would have guessed that 80% of the work is done already and they just need to convert the API calls to Android.
  20. With Google releasing a Chromebook having 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD I think they are setting up the playing field to take on Windows. Do you think we can get the full Affinity Photo desktop client for Android on Chromebooks with an adaptive interface that can switch to the Affinity Photo touch client when in tablet mode?
  21. In version resizable pallets such as the Navigator or Layers pallet can't be resized vertically when they are next to the Histogram or Color pallets. Resize becomes possible again if you switch Histogram to another pallet such as Swatches or Brushes or completely remove the group. Weird bug.
  22. Even if the Histogram pallet is a fixed size, I would still expect the Navigator to pull the Histogram pallet up or down with it and the histogram pallet would in turn resize Layers pallet below. Essentially the way Photoshop handles it when fixed pallets are in the stack.
  23. I think a better option is to do like Photoshop and build a right click menu on the rulers themselves so no matter what tool you are using you can go to the ruler and right click to change the units. Also create a percentage option. I can't even count how many times I've used percentage based rulers when setting guides in Photoshop. From a persistence perspective just leave the rulers at whatever they were last set to. Ignore the document units. Same goes for dropping a guide. It would be nice if we could do it no matter what tool was selected. Just go to the ruler, click and drag out to create a new guide.

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