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  1. didnt help. does anyone know how to do it on the ipad? thanks in advance
  2. i did it . dosent help. the humburger is not to be found. not in the color pallete either. what i am trying to do is making a swatch palette on the ipad.
  3. Hi i am trying to create a custom swatches palette. but the Panel Preferences is no where to be found. how do i find it
  4. i am repeating what you show. but i do not get separated component i’m getting a shape. what am i doing wrong? i think that i folowd you video exactly (beside changing colors) ok ok i got it long press on the boolean. that’s the "alt" on the desktop . thanks again
  5. we will not mention the other program .... but if there is one thing that they do and I miss in affinity designer , thats the shape builder tool. please, i am sure that im not the first one to ask for it. but it is almost essential for some of us. keep doing the great work.
  6. Hi on the desktop version you have the option of non destructive boolean. great. now, please make it on the ipad too. if i open a document that is done on the desktop in my ipad the option is gone. thanks
  7. i can not get rid of the purple outlines around the shapes in designer on the ipad. only zooming in and out removing them but only till i work again Thanks in advance
  8. is there a way to save gradients to the swatch pallet ? i can save colors. thanks
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