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  1. After updating Designer to 1.6 and downloading my assets, I have tried to install them numerous times. The program says I have installed them, but hey don't show up in my Brushes tab.
  2. Thank you so much. I was really starting to be bothered. I have used AI for so long, hotkeys and shortcuts in my workflow are core to my work
  3. Thanks. I was hoping more for a popup that provides two boxes; one for X and one for Y, but I guess that will do for now.
  4. It seems counter intuitive, but I found out how to do it. Create the gradient exactly as you want it Select object Right-click and select 'Create Style'
  5. Can we get an equivalent to AI's Ctrl+Shift+M (transform -> move). This is something I am constantly using for exact object/text placement.
  6. @mattp Thank you so much.
  7. Is there a way to select a default file type (AI, EPS, PDF, etc.) in Designer?

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