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  1. Thanks for the suggest. This could be a workaround. But it immediately raises the question if this would also alter the image. Of course it will, that's the nature if you stay linear all the way through, then you'll need to compromise in the end when exporting to a format of lesser quality and/or one that doesn't support your colour space (or simply you need the old SRGB for whatever-web-stuff) etc. I have to admit, that I don't have that much experience in AP as in PS – so I know there's the 'Export' and 'Export Persona' – but when it comes to downsampling I'd like to convert directly inside my file and save it out as a lower bit depth and from there I'd work my way through all the exporting and so on. So I'd like full control over the sampling process (bit & colour-space wise). Also working in 16bit keeps the file size down as well.
  2. The thing that makes working in this way not ideal is the colour change. Why this happens is the question and how to solve it. Since now I need to stick with Photoshop and pay the Adobe tax, to maintain the workflow. And yes, I need to work with 32-bit renders, right now since these are the renders I made (and re-rendering is too costly) and sometimes, because colleagues & customers ship me 32-stuff. Further down the line there’s always 16/8 bit stuff, but when you handle HDR stuff (whether it’s HDR from a camera or CGI) at some point you’ll stumble upon this. And a colour change isn’t ideal to work around. So there’s something underneath the hood that AP handles fundamentally different than PS. As I said: both workspaces are setup identical, both work with the same material and the same original ECI profiles, as well as OCIO (Nuke’s default at the moment). All I need is a way this colour change does not happen – next to plain tonemapping and work from there. I double checked the colour profile settings, but unless there’s a hidden mechanic working behind the curtain which I can’t control, everything is set up the right way. Cheers
  3. So the last post was in July. Anything from the Metal side?! So does this mean that just this option (activate hardware etc.) is meant to be for a specific integrated GPU solution from Intel, or is Metal indeed not fully supported yet? Any finite info on that would be great!
  4. Of course there are fewer colours to choose from, it’s a lower bit depth. But why can photoshop manage to do that and AP can’t? Even when there’s no OCIO involved. Just plain tone mapping through layer stacks. In some way AP is managing/processing colours differently and there shouldn’t be a colour change when reducing the bit depth. Both programs are set up the same way: same colour workspaces etc. etc. Edit: the change only comes apparent when on top of your tone mapping, you’ll also introduce a curve or exposure, to alter the image. Interestingly, when just converting from higher to lower – without any adjustments –, the image stays unaltered. Haven’t tested it with anything other than that, but it’s a simple change reproducible all the time and through a couple of EXRs. Edit #2: the bug shouldn’t be system related, since I can reproduce it on other Mac’s as well. But for scientific reasons: it happened first on the latest Mac OS Sierra with AP also updated to the latest. The iMac in question is a 5K (2015) / AMD M395X 4GB / 32GB RAM
  5. Hi folks, anyone noticed the colour change when converting down from 32-bit to 16-bit? Searched the forum for a while and it doesn't come up. I'm working with 32-bit EXR render and at some point you need to convert down to a lower bit depth and when you do any editing on the scene, it changes the colour. Do the same in Photoshop and it stays correct. You can try it with anything: Exposure or Curve to make it visible. Set up the exact same settings in both AP and PS and convert down to 16 bit and then compare both images. Or even just do it in AP. Have your layer stack in full 32 and change the format down to 16 and then switch back and forth to see the difference. I think this is a huge drawback. Whatever is handling the conversion in the background, somethings off. Cheers, Bo
  6. Well, I'm happy with that last part. Serif is doing a great job with the Affinity line, imho. You've advanced to mobile quickly and somewhat made a good companion there, too. Adobe left a huge space, when they switched to their ridiculous pricing model, so you can't even keep the software you've bought (e.g. freeze the version with your first, or last payment, when you've reached a certain amount that covers the cost for a single licence. That'd be something, but no). What I was trying to say was, that you folks are really stepping up and made something that can compete on a pro-level. You're not quite there, but very, very close. I guess by making this into a whole suite, with Publisher and with a shared asset-base and also photo-management system and you're good to go. I'm already using your Mac and mobile stuff for work, since it's lightweight approach on getting things done, is really helpful. Maybe it's just anxiety speaking, of seeing a good thing perish because it couldn't keep up with the game (like many good software did in the past).
  7. Ok, ok... obviously it were 4, 5, 6 cents or so! Anyways, just to be clear JOBEYB & co: if Affinity was to up the price, because the package will be heading more towards Adobe, Corel & QuarkX, and thus takes cheap outta the time-energy-money equation, THEN obviously an enthusiast or semi-pro doesn't need the whole package, don't they? Me as a small freelancer or, say, a small company/studio/whatever, this is a another cup o' tea. Rather then seeing Affinity stumble and crash, I'd be happy to buy a pro-version, if this means they can compete with the big players and make good software. Adobe isn't completely evil, or any other major, some of their stuff is just so sophisticated it takes hundreds of ppl to get them up and (keep em) running – and I heard even software engineers need to eat sometimes! ^^ ...and I don't think you can make a competitive PRO-program on 50 bucks alone. So yeah, have a 'hobby/starter' version for 50 bucks, since this is very fair pricing and everyone needs to start somewhere, and on the other hand have a real-pro version that's really competitive and industry-standard!
  8. Just waiting for Beta... nothing else to add to! Heard about upping the price for all the apps. My 2 cents? As a wanna-be pro-software, it's very, very fair priced. To be honest: good software costs money and I'd rather go with a 'pro' version, for a reasonable price (aka. small studios + freelancers friendly) and have the 'vanilla' version still for an also reasonable price available, so that hobby-folks and enthusiasts could still afford them. As long as you don't fall into the subscibtion trap, as so many software packages did. Hell, even some note taking apps do the subscription dance, which is ridiculous imho. So keep up the good work and don't overpromise and let us waiting in vain!
  9. I just jumped the train today, since the other two apps on Mac are awesome! So, but now I’ve learned that my Wacom is pretty useless and although it was 20% off of Photo, I feel like it’ll sit on my iPad pretty useless, until you’ll implement other styluses. The Apple Pencil can’t be used on Air2 and I’d really like to use it for sketching on the go. I know development isn’t a cake walk, but at least Wacom (and I guess it was Adonit that was big in the market) should be manageable, since all the other apps like Procreate and whatnot had them early on.
  10. Just a quick 'tip to the hat' to the Devs out there. Thank you very, very much to include the existing users into the free goodies incentive. Awesome! PS. can't wait to see what you've done with the publishing tool you're developing. There are still a few quirks in Photo + Designer, but if the Publisher works as nice as the other two, I'm all in, too!
  11. Hej Her out there, since this is one of THE first threads to come up when researching the issue, I may jump this train as well. As far as I know, there's currently no shortcut to make a quick preview of your design, right? I mean, if you fiddle around with a lot of lines, trying to arrange stuff and neatly positioning it, plus you're working with text (so redlines of autocorrect are on) etc. etc. Your screen is just a mess of lines. ^^ So to quickly (like the big A-Contenter does for example) switch into a preview-mode – to look at your work without distraction and fiddle around while you're there – would be awesome Serif! Yes, I can switch them off one by one, but this really is a tedious way of doing so. Am I missing something, or hasn't it arrived yet? thx
  12. Hello again. I have to say (and the little 'Staff' underneath your profile might give that away) your support is stellar. Never been to a forum where the actual people are that fast to respond to things. And thanks again, since I might stick with you – since I like your approach and whats in the pipe – I'll do a proper introduction in the members section. :) jup, that worked. Though I have to say, I missed it in the help-section, since it's right underneath the 'To convert a shape to curves' and I was looking for 'convert line to shape' or something similar. :rolleyes:
  13. Hello out there Learning a new program isn't always that easy, but sometimes you hit a brick wall and voila: I need to ask you out there. :) I can't figure out how to convert a line into an object (or shape), to further use this geometry to subtract it from another object (see attached pictures). You can convert shapes to curves, but not the other way round? The thing is, its easier to draw a line, adjust the thickness (stroke) to your liking and then convert this into a shape to, let's say, subtract it from something. Since I've stumbled upon the fact, that I can't precisely arrange things in AD, due to some odd snapping behaviour (or my lack of understanding these). thx for any help, Bo
  14. Hello MEB(?) :) Thx for your lighting fast reply. I've attached two pics with this post to clarify what I'm up to. When using the Pen tool, I sometimes get additional distances (in red) between two nodes (though I wasn't able to screen capture them). This is helpful, but why not snap to the middle, when you already have the data? Or when using the Node tool, I can hover over a line and insert a additional node, which is good, so I'm able to do this (snap to middle) with the object itself (this is why I might be able to do this on the sides and on the top/bottom of the attached hexagon) not with the line. -_- I got you right, this option isn't implemented yet, or am I missing something fundamental? I mean, working with symmetry is on of THE most important feature to have in content creation (and also lining up vertices/nodes evenly on any line). Because I really like to make the transition away from Illustrator and use AD as a freelancer professionally (where the 50 bucks is really cheap, dunno how much longer you can sustain this price-policy if you transition further into a whole suite of pro-grade tools with Pages and stuff). Anyways... if any of you out there has a workaround, I'd appreciate every help. :) Bo It took me seconds to do this in Corel Draw. I really would appreciate if you'd implement some serious node- & line-tools in 1.6! This is a dealbreaker for some kind of work. thx.
  15. Hello out there! :) Just started with AD and been searching around the interweb for ages. Seems like there is no real option to split something in half e.g. a curve-path between two nodes, or a pentagon. The last post is from April last year. Still no option for this? I know, creating new stuff is tedious and a pain in the ass, but being able to split something in half shouldn't be that hard, right? Maybe I'm missing something fundamental, but to use AD as a freelancer – which is now my way to go, if I look at the rip-off subscription models of other companies – these are some fundamental operations to implement. thx Bo
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