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  1. In AD, how can I export only the cropped area of vector? Currently, when I export to pdf, eps, svg, the elements outside the crop are still visible. Thanks
  2. The canvas and artboard background color is significantly darker for documents in CMYK mode, compared to RGB. Considering the canvas is part of the UI, I think they should remain consistent regardless of the document color mode. Is this a bug? Affinity 1.5.5 Mac OS Sierra
  3. Thanks @Chris B Adding to this, I noticed the Brush tool also displays pixel "width" values as decimals.
  4. In AD the Pencil Tool is using "points" as the width value, but the Brush Tool is using pixels. Perhaps a bug?
  5. In preferences I set the decimal place for pixels to "0". However, when using the corner tool, the radius still displays decimal values. For example, draw a triangle with the "Triangle Tool" or "Pen Tool" and change the corner radius and you'll notice decimals are allowed… AD 1.5.5
  6. @A_B_C I'm also noticing the issue in your video. This appears to occur throughout the UI. For example, the customize toolbar panel does this too.
  7. Editing Vectors • Node handles can be selected and nudged independent of node, via keyboard. • Node handles can be moved independent of node by changing coordinates in "Transform Palette". • Note handles can mirror each other during resize • Nodes can be aligned with "align and distrupute" options. • Place a node in the center of a segment by pressing COMMAND while hovering segment • "Cusp Mode" option alongside Sharp, Smooth, Smart • Button for "Rounding object to nearest pixel edge". Essentially, this would force selected objects to re-align to whole pixels. For example, an object with a height of 3.7px would round to 4px after pressing the button. • Preserve object shape when deleting non-extrema nodes Editing Text • Double-clicking or alt-clicking bottom of the bounding box automatically adjusts height to fit containing text. • Pressing ESC ( once ) exits active text box and activats "Move Tool" • Pressing ENTER on selected text box activates cursor and edit mode Exporting • Have a paramater for changing DPI in the "Export Options" pallete. • Cleaner SVG output. For example, option to run SVGO during "SVG For Web" export • @2x, @3x variants inherit document DPI and don't multiply it as they currently do Tools • New tool ( or toolbar button ) for scaling selected objects • New tool ( or toolbar button ) for rotating instances around circle or shape. • Eye dropper tool "magnafying glass" displays hex value • Eye dropper tool shows "magnafying glass" by default instead of cross-hair. Or, pressing ALT shows this. General • Duplicate object in place ( ALT + CMD + J ) • "Paste Here" option via right-click context menu. This pastes the object at the pointer location. • Allow custom keyboard shorcut for toggling layer visibility • Option to permanently reset selection box ( mentioned by others ) • Gradients as studio palette. Currently, this tab exists in context toolbar only.
  8. This issue is still persistent. Any plans to resolve it for 1.6?
  9. @Chris_K You're right. The panel height is calculated by the tallest preset content, in this case PDF. Even when PDF is not selected the panel still calculates that height. So, formats with fewer options, PNG, etc. display the scrollbar. Should probably be fixed though.
  10. Completely agree with having this. Additionally, it would be nice if, by default, the app starts/opens with a blank infinite canvas. So, if you don't feel like going New --> New Document and choosing a configuration every time, you can simply start making things. And, later you can add the document settings if needed. Or, if the infinite canvas is not possible, perhaps an option to "Use this document preset when Affinity launches". Essentially, this would automatically create a new document ( based on user preset ) when the app launches.
  11. @A_B_C Yes, those preferences are enabled and I've restarted app. The banding is much worse when those prefs are off, as expected. The banding I see is very subtle, but still noticeable, especially compared to Sketch. Same with document view "noise" which I presume is to reduce the banding.
  12. @A_B_C The banding is the same for the document view and exported PNG. Additionally, I noticed the doc view has considerably more gradient noise compared to Sketch.
  13. @MEB Yes, I tried that, but the result was identical.
  14. I recently updated to AD 1.5.5 and noticed the "Export Options" panel has a weird scrollbar issue, where the scrollbar exists even if the panel height contains all the content, without overflow. See attached image…
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