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  1. Agreed, variable font support is pretty crucial. Recently started a freelance project and one of the official fonts used by the company I'm working for is Overpass, which is a variable-width font. Displays perfectly fine in Publisher, but the moment I export a PDF for proofing or printing, all instances of any font weight different from Regular are ignored and all copy is Regular weight in the PDF. A workaround is to convert all text to outline, which I do, but that's not ideal since if one were to accidentally save after outlining all text, obviously everything needs to be typeset again. It's odd to me that variable fonts are supported enough to render different weights in the software, but unable to export properly.
  2. This is a truly phenomenal piece, all the highlights and reflections are a delight to look over. Such great pop and background treatment, really well done!
  3. This is really outstanding, the modeling is great, lighting and shadow is so well done, and the texture work is truly delightful. Tremendous work!
  4. Being able to interact with the guide directly to specify the position would be very handy. The functionality is there currently, just not via interacting with the guide itself. Are you aware of View –> Guides Manager? That brings up a window that shows all current guides in the document, double-click the value to edit the location numerically, or based on percentage. Plus, the Guides Manager window can remain open while you work on the document, if you so choose, though it's a large window that cannot be docked with other panels—perhaps another possible feature request? But I agree that a double-click or secondary click of a guide to bring up the Guides Manager or manipulating the guides in the Transform panel could be a boon. Can also consider adding a custom keyboard shortcut for bringing up the Guides Manager.
  5. I would also love this to be a feature in Designer. All Affinity apps, really. In Illustrator, I'll take shapes / lines and convert to guides as a means of indicating where objects are that will be obstructing spaces in the design, as well as the "safe" areas for content to show up, both for myself and for my team to have consistency. Whereas standard guides can be utilized for similar purposes, it's less refined and pretty, plus when guides cross it can be confusing to newer staff members who aren't familiar with the process. Attached is a screen capture of a template file that has multiple artboards, different sizes, with the guides showing, text (not part of the template doc, just for reference) to indicate what spaces are for what. Currently the only way I can think to achieve this in Designer is to have all these items as actual shapes in a document, but then the designer is expected to delete / hide that layer prior to output, which just adds an additional step and potential error point.
  6. Yes, absolutely, very much need this feature, it's the only thing I can find that I'm missing from InDesign.
  7. @cre8tivetoy shame that the Craft dial doesn't work with Affinity products, at least not yet. Got a demo of it at Adobe MAX last year (maybe two ago?) and the rep mentioned an SDK coming, but haven't really seen anything about that since. Hopefully that hasn't stalled / been cancelled. I'll ask again this year.
  8. @Andy Somerfield thanks for the information! Very much looking forward to discovering how the 10-core system performs—that's really the one that I have an eye on, as a good balance of performance and price for the needs, based on information garnered from various podcasts' reporting. Very excited to see how the team continues to develop the Affinity line, and the hype is so very real for Publisher and the forthcoming photo management software teased on Twitter! @Callum thanks for the welcome! My regards to the Sorceress. High-five He-Man for me, if you please.
  9. Does anyone have—or know of a site that has—any benchmarks of how Affinity products perform on the new iMac Pro, vs a standard 5K iMac? Startup, filters, the usual suspects are good benchmarks, though I'm very curious about RAW file handling time, as well. Throwing 42.5 megapixel RAW files at anything takes time, and although an iMac Pro may be a bit of a lavish expense, if all these numbers are significantly better than on a 5K iMac, it very well may be worth the upgrade. So long is spent watching progress bars instead of editing. Thanks for any and all help!
  10. One of the flagship features of Sketch would be a great one to implement into Designer, possibly also Photo, and carry over into the iPad versions—an infinite canvas for brainstorming and sketching out ideas using vector brushes, like a huge, digital whiteboard. This could be added as an option when creating a new document, all on its own, or part of a 'web' project. No artboard or document boundaries, just white to sketch out ideas and scroll to try something new, be able to copy an idea to another part of the canvas to create a modified version, things like that. Could see someone using this feature on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to sketch out ideas that can be fine-tuned later, either still on the iPad, or on a computer. If this feature were a day one with the launch of Affinity products for iPad, I'd buy them all instantly.
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