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  1. Latecomer to this thread and just wanted to give my +1 for this necessary feature.
  2. Thanks! That's not really achieving what I want however: It becomes a shape, not a border and I lose the ability to modify the corners. Good to know tho.
  3. My apologies if this has already been suggested… For the kind of work I do, I would very much like the ability to create more elaborate boxes to decorate page elements. I'm thinking of something like how in ye-olde days of web design you would create a 3x3 table for a boxout and little images would go in the cells to represent the 4 corners, the 4 sides and the middle. This could be a vector version of that, with the 9-tile asset created in Designer. I know that this kind of result can be accomplished in Publisher right now without this feature, but it is a lot more fidgety to maintain, there is no way to make our results into a repeatable style that can simply be applied to a text frame, and the illusion is broken if you stretch or squash the boxes. This kind of solution would be a lot more flexible. if I have missed something that would help me produce these kinds of results, I'd love to hear about it. Cheers.
  4. No, I wasn't talking about stroke corners. My fault for not being clear. When you insert a rectangle you have options to create rounded, angled, concave or cutout corners. IMO those same options should be available on (rectangular) text frames too.
  5. We definitely need more stroke styles AND the ability to put corner styles onto text frames. I would also really want to see special corner styles for more elaborate flourishes that don't stretch and squash when you resize the box.
  6. When you change the gutter size for columns inside a text frame, it increases or reduces the overall width of the text frame. I imagine that 99% of the time, the designer has a certain space for their text and when they fine tune the text formatting and gutters, they're not going to want the overall shape of their design to change. Instead I would expect the columns themselves to grow or shrink to accommodate the gutters.
  7. I was going to post a request for this exact thing, but I'll just add my voice here instead. A simple way to create column and row guides is a must. I actually spent quite a long time trying to find the settings because I assumed they simply had to be there already. I feel like the Text Frame settings (View > Studio > Text Frame) are also a bit buried given how important they are (as the only way to easily manage columns). The option to create a grid with basic margins/columns/gutters should be front and centre, probably presented when you create your new document.
  8. Foomandoonian

    Couldn't activate table controls

    It happened again FYI. I can't think what it could be except that Publisher has had the document open for several hours. I've not been doing anything besides placing and moving elements and editing text.
  9. Foomandoonian

    Couldn't activate table controls

    Indeed. And thanks Chris. I will report back if I discover anything helpful.
  10. I was unable to activate the table controls that appear around a placed table (to add/remove columns etc.) in a document with existing tables. Any new tables also wouldn't display these. I was still able to select cells and use the table formatting options normally. Restarting the application restored these controls. BTW, I'm really enjoying Publisher and can't wait to by the final released version! My only other little note is that I think the default colour model should be CMYK.
  11. Foomandoonian

    Exported PDF and EPS files are raster?

    Ah, good to know thanks MEB.
  12. Foomandoonian

    Exported PDF and EPS files are raster?

    Has there been any news on this front? I just tried exporting a PDF (I want to use vectors with a transparent background in Apple Motion) and it's still just a bitmap in a PDF. In addition, the EPS seems pretty borked (it's cropped funny). I'm on 1.1.2
  13. Foomandoonian

    Exported PDF and EPS files are raster?

    Bryan: I've tried some of those and not even heard of others. To me Illustrator is still king, and if I were to do professional design work again that's what I'd go straight to. For now at least. As a hobbyist, I was a big fan of Inkscape on Linux, but it always felt poor on OS X. I've tried Sketch too, but I can't ever remember being so frustrated with software. I thought it may have been me - after all, people RAVE about how good Sketch is - but then I tried the Affinity beta and took to it instantly. I imagine AD is what I'll be using for my own personal work from now. There are some features I need more than others (dotted lines, pattern fills, custom vector brushes), but I recognise that everybody has different priorities and I'm happy enough to embrace the limitations. It's actually kind of nice to get to master new software and then stay on top of it as it develops.
  14. Foomandoonian

    Exported PDF and EPS files are raster?

    Thanks Bryan.
  15. Foomandoonian

    E-Typed. From sketch to Affinity final.

    Ooh, very nice. My only critique would be that the blacks are too strong - especially on the silhouetted woman, who looks almost pasted in from another image. The car is great. :)