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    Hi everyone these are some styles i created for use on individual letters , hope there good enough for everyone to find a use case for them. this is my first go at creating styles it is a 148.59MB DOWNLOAD. S.L_LETTER_STYLES.afstyles
  2. Simple logic designs

    Is this already implemented / still a plan?

    This small clip was created by me
  3. Simple logic designs

    shape builder tool

    Something like this is definitely needed
  4. Simple logic designs

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Nice , thank you guys for the update
  5. Simple logic designs


    your welcome
  6. Simple logic designs


    i will look into making smaller files i am fairly new to all of this stuff so bare with me thanks
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  8. Simple logic designs


    Thank you , your welcome . Oh i forgot to mention these are for affinity photo/designer
  9. Simple logic designs

    Announcing Affinicasts

    Nice thank you so much for your videos, great stuff and good luck to you. i used that smoke text video to make my logo
  10. Simple logic designs

    Had some fun last night with AP & AD

    Was a bit board last night and end up making this piece
  11. Simple logic designs

    Had some fun last night with AP & AD

    I actually compose music myself. I run a 24 track studio and own several guitars (amongst other things). Nice , what type of music i am into reggae mostly but ill listen to anything . Kool
  12. Simple logic designs

    Had some fun last night with AP & AD

    Well i can't speak for everyone but art in the context of graphics design and drawing is not my thing, actually my love is making music and when i am not doing music i am bored. maybe maybe not who knows how a person feels other than themselves. I get what you are saying but that's how i actually felt.
  13. Simple logic designs

    I'm not a professional, but I enjoy Affinity

    You have some really nice work there
  14. Simple logic designs

    So fun with Affinity products

    Great work
  15. Simple logic designs

    Zero - My first illustration in Affinity Designer for iPad

    Very nice
  16. Simple logic designs

    Introduce Yourself

    Thanks the results are from binge watching youtube videos hour after hour lol its like my new thing now , thank you guys for such a great program its very easy to learn and everything you need is right in your face i love it
  17. Simple logic designs

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello every one my name is Okang Lindsey i am from the Caribbean but live in the U.S.A , i am totally new photo editing , and graphic design . i first heard about affinity photo and designer lets say 2 or 3 weeks ago i love these 2 programs i have a friend who uses both and lets me fiddle around when he is not busy i am planning on buying both programs soon, i am very interested in making flyers and those sorts of stuff , some of my first ever practice sessions are attached