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  1. I just noticed something again in the latest BETA. I have multiple asset files imported into Affinity. When I create a category in another asset file it creates this the new category in the Asset File which I imported first. I have recorded a video on this. Assets New Category.mp4
  2. Hello. Some feedback from the tests I have done on the latest Affinity Beta - I must say Affinity Assets (that is on my side) have an improvement when it comes to speed when arranging assets and dragging and dropping them into other categories. I tested with an Assest File that is about 12GB in size (the one which gave me problems before) and it has 100% raster files, I only experienced a crash once at the beginning (I guess Affinity was shaking off a cold) but after that it was smooth sailing. Exporting hasn't given me problems at all and I can say I have 100% success rate at exporting Assets and reimporting them into Designer. The Sort Asset Categories By function hasn't delivered any desired results so far (maybe it's yet to be activated). So exporting Assets, importing, rearranging categories & assets within a category has been great so far. That includes naming etc. So, for now, I will be using the latest beta specifically for Assets and then import them into the Designer Thank you very much for fixing this bug and I know you will continue to improve on it 😎
  3. Greetings, that was exactly the problem. Rearranging assets contents and indeed they have a lot of raster contents. So let me download the latest BETA and test it out, will surely get back here and give you an update on how it goes. Thank you very much for that.
  4. Hello I have been trying to recreate the error, have had no success but still experiencing issues. I tried out the latest Beta and same problem occurred and when I export a modified Asset it doesn't complete. Designer just outputs and incomplete asset file with a very small size. On the screenshot attached you can see the difference in Size but all I did was import the Assets and reExport it. The smaller one (in size) won't open. Let me keep experimenting and hopefully will be able to recreate the error.
  5. Thank you very much. The issue still persists and I have uploaded the files just like you requested. Hopefully there will be a discovery and a fix soon.
  6. Greetings Affinity team. I have the latest update for Affinity Designer installed and I'm having some issues with it. First: Affinity has slow start-up times especially when the Asset Panel has Assets loaded or an Asset file open If I remove all Assets from the Asset panel start-up times are blazing fast. Second: If I organize my objects in an Asset File and export the Asset file to my hard drive, it fails to reimport and give an error. The export process also affects the size of the Asset File (eg: from 5GB to 200MB drop in size) which makes it impossible to reimport again. Third: If I close Affinity Designer sometimes when I relaunch Designer the Assets Panel will be empty and I have to reimport the Assets from my hard drive again. Hopefully this is a bug and not an isolated issue cos of my specs or something 🙂🙂
  7. Thank you for these fixes. Love how the development is still moving at a fast pace after the BIG 1.9 release.
  8. I second that. Just pray that the features requested will make it into the next big release?
  9. Greetings team. Should we expect to see any further improvements (feature wise) done to the contour tool like users had requested previously in the Beta threads? Any more functionality coming to it?
  10. Other Assets are opening well. Thank you for the response. Any answer as to what causes assets to be broken so that maybe I can avoid the mistake.
  11. Hello guys. I'm having an error message importing an Asset File into Affinity Designer. I'm getting this error message shown on screen below. Any solutions to this? I desperately need the file inside the Asset Library.
  12. Thank you or the update, sweet new features? Just a random question. Is there any more improvements (additional features) we should expect when it come to the contour tool?
  13. Any plans to make these presets "exportable" for loading later on just like we do with Shortcuts? Very sweet addition but would love to know if such an option will be made available.
  14. Very useful point. I just hope this tool can be similar to that one in CorelDraw. Having used the Contour in Corel for many years am also having challenges using this on basic stuff. However the ability to add steps and color to it from the toolbar would be a welcome move. Been using Affinity for 3 years now, just joined the forums o see the news and developments.
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