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  1. Hey community! I installed the new Wacom, 2. Generation. When I use bluetooth connection I'm having problems with brushes. E.g., DAUB Dry Media just don't work at all. Other brushes like "simple" work just perfectly, while some art brushes in their groups work, some don't. Very strange! The funny thing about it is that this problem doesn't occur when I use cable connection, e.g. for charging the tablet. Every brush works just perfectly then. Are there any settings to solve this? System: Win10, i7 (7th Gen), 16 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 940
  2. Are you just telling me I cannot cancel my Adobe suscription because there is no solution for this problem? Seriously???
  3. ---EDIT--- After more than two hours AD has finally opened the file! I'm glad my notebook didn't crash but needles to say that this unacceptable for a graphic program.
  4. I'm sorry but I have to open this topic again. Even the updated versions of AP and AD still can't open the file, while it takes Adobe Illustrator about two or three seconds(!). No lie! I bought a new NB lately (16 RAM, 256 SSD, Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2 GB, i7) but the result is just the same. While writing this I'm waiting for the file to open in AD on my NB. AD tells me since one(!) hour it's loading a file. Is there any chance that this is going to change in the foreseeable future? I don't like to be at Adobe's mercy.
  5. Done! via DropBox THX for the quick response
  6. I have already posted this issue in the "Bugs" forum but didn't get a reply and I don't know where to turn to, so excuse me that I try again. My problem: I tried to open an big 127MB eps-stock image (Yeah! I know... it's not big... it's a freakin' monster! ) but both AD and AP crashed. I really think that AD/AP do have an issue with the size because meanwhile, I had someone else try to open it on his PC and the programs crashed as well. Additionally, I never had a problem with opening said eps-file in Photoshop. If the file is needed I'd prefer to send it via pm and not posting it here since I paid for it. Working with Win10, 64bit, i7
  7. Hi @ all! I'm not sure if this is truly a bug but I tried to open a 130 MB eps and both AD and AP crashed. I tried opening the file in AP first and it didn't work. Then tried it with AD. For round about half an hour(!) the programs noticed they're loading. Then the crash. (Win10, 64bit, i7) I suppose it's not my system to cause this problem, since PS never had an issue with this file.
  8. LOL... Funny, how this topic went from importing brushes to gender politics. :lol:
  9. No, R C-R, it worked just perfectly the way MEB suggested. This is soooooooooooo easy!!! :D
  10. Solved!!! :D Thanks, guys! :wub: It's Win 10
  11. THX for your reply, R C-R. :) My brushes all have the .abr, so that's not the problem. ;) But in which folder do I store them?
  12. Hi there! :) I just tried to get my topic answered via the search but unfortunately, didn't succeed. It might be me because I'm German - so forgive me if this was already answered. :rolleyes: I bought Affinity photo a couple of days ago because I'm sick of being Adobe's cash cow and still working on adjusting. ;) Well... I made a lot of brushes in PS and am wondering if they can be imported to Affinity photo. THX Plan_B :) BTW... I'm using Win 10

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