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  1. 1.7.1 is still slower than 1.6, Metal compute is unusable
  2. Great Are there any possibility to get 1.5? For now 1.6 is useless for me and I'm not a big fan of PS
  3. Hi Chris_K I've tried metal, software (it's even worse) and OpenGL. I'm using small brush (retouching). On "current layer" isn't bad, but when I change to "current layer and below" there is a problem. In the previous version it worked fine, even better that in PS.
  4. After updating Affinity Photo to v. 1.6.6 and macOS to High Sierra (15' MBP 2017) there's very poor performance when using healing brush - its laggy and AP is freezing, Activity Monitor show CPU usage at 300-350%.