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  1. Even with that correction, I can get the same resolution and clarity.
  2. I opened an image in Affinity Photo v2 with a resolution of 1920 x 2184 pixels and DPI 300. Then I tried to place another copy of the same image partially colored with a lower resolution of 469 x 563 pixels into the picture and then when I resize the document to the original image with resample. I can never get the same resolution. Can anyone please enlighten me. How to get the same picture clarity and resolution. I am attaching both photos.
  3. Thanks. You have done a very good job. Have you used the pen tool to select the background. The dress is actually of one color. Faded white or off white. The image can now be easily sharpened. I thought the frequency seperation methos is good for cleaning up the image.
  4. By deleted all folder containing folders I meant. I find there are 3 locations on my laptop which has the folder called affinity. 1. c:\programsdata 2. C:\Users\hp\AppData\Local 3. C:\Users\hp I think all these locations get created when I installed Affinity photo through the MSIX file. I dleted all these folders after uninstalling affinity and the reinstalled a fresh downloaded file. Now everything is working fine. The version of affinity photo 2 is
  5. I used to just click and run the MSIX file.It will tell me to install. But this time it told ne reinstall and then said you already have a later version of the program. I was surprised, because I thought when you download from the seriff site you get the latest vesrion.
  6. I tried but the problem was recurring. So I completely uninstalled the program and and deleted all folders containing affinity and then downloaded Affinity photo v 2.0.3 again and installed. Now the program is working. I have to now see what all presets are missing and brushes etc. I have no other installations of affinity earlier versions running. So I dont know what happened. My firewall is not blocking the program. Thanks for your help. I am just wondering what could have caused this.
  7. Today when I tried to load affinity photo it fails and crashes saying there is a problem in launching. Screenshot attached. I have tried to reinstall Affinity but the problem persists. Can you please help.
  8. I am really grateful for all the helpful comments. Yes, about AI that is what I was afraid of. It may change the original features , which I don't want. Unfortunately, I dont know the original colours of the photo. I do have another photo which can give the idea of the nose shape etc. The Vanceal image looks good but it is not authentic, Yes I also agree about the spectacle size. With all the inputs I will try my hand again. Thank you all again for the help.
  9. The original image was black and white. I am attaching a full image which I have. I only posted the face because I thought it was tougher to restore it. I have trying to restore it for long time and had even asked earlier in a forum. But I want a really good way of restoring it, so that I can print out a big sized photo. I have tried Denise etc. but it doesn't repair the damages. and I didn't want the face to change. Also I don't mind the sepia tone, I think that gives it a more authentic look. I don't mind spending a lot of time on the restoration, if I know the exact procedure.
  10. I have tried to restore as much as I can. But It is very difficult for me as you can see what I could do. I would appreciate if some one could guide with steps to do in affinity photo v2.0.3. The 1st is original and 2nd my feeble attempt.
  11. Thank you very much for your help. It is working fine.
  12. I am not able to download the link. It says error
  13. You have suggested quite an advance technique. I will try it out. I will post once done. Thanks you very much.
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