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  1. I discussed this already in a Questions thread. As described in the topic line, when I change a linked Designer file in publisher (by double-clicking it), it first appears to have changed accordingly. But when I export it or just save the Publisher file and re-open it, the change is gone. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=263313&key=88244902a0a79d7917a62b52357b4b68 Can someone confirm this bug?
  2. I can understand that it may not be desirable to have a change you make in Publisher of a linked Designer file also alter the original Designer file. But not even Publisher keeps the change! As of now, changing Designer files within Publisher is basically pointless 🤷‍♂️ FullSizeRender.MOV
  3. relieving to know! Just to add, if you change the linked Designer file in Designer and save it, it will be updated in Publisher. (There is a red exclamation point in the lower right bar. When you click it, it shows all the Designer files that have been altered and asks you to "correct" -> meaning update it by tabbing it) This way around it works
  4. uhhh... that looks bad. I must have been lucky that my changes of a Designer file within Publisher just weren't saved instead of getting corrupted completely.
  5. I’ve placed Designer files in a Publisher document (as linked), so I can still make all sorts of changes when double clicking on the Designer file. But for some reason Publisher cannot keep the changes. Even after saving the Publisher file, going back in the changed placed Designer file has lost the changes. And another maybe related question: how can I make changes in a placed Designer file in Publisher and have those changes also realized in the original Designer file? So when I open the file in Designer the change is also there?
  6. ClipStudio has a neat function that let's you define a layer as a reference layer. This allows you, for example, to select flat color areas on that reference layer while being another layer. It saves a lot of time (of switching back and forth between layers). Is there a similar function or way to get that in Affinity Photo?
  7. 😱OMG. I need to hire an assistant to keep track of all these But thanks anyway
  8. So, for resizing an imported image in Designer I have found a working solution by exporting a tiff file from Photo using the “nearest” option. No smoothing of lines when resizing it in Designer. 👍 But resizing a layer created inside of Photo (e.g. hard lines with the threshold function > flattened) or even just moving a selected portion of that layer results in smoothed line. Here is a clip: FullSizeRender.MOV
  9. I was searching through the forum but don‘t seem to get a definite answer to my question. I’m working with lineart that has completely sharp edges. Whenever I resize (both in Designer and Photo) I get a smoothed out result. Is there any way to avoid this? Also, moving a selected portion of the lineart around on the same layer (in Photo) results in smoothed out lines. Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏
  10. Is there a way to start a new file with a layer I copied into the pasteboard which then automatically has the same dimensions etcetera?
  11. I hope this doesn‘t mean “No, still not possible on iOS.” 🥴
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