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  1. Yes, I am on an official Serif purchase. How do you use your shortcut so I don't have to reinstall my brushes?
  2. Yes, Patrick please send along our congrats to the team. I actually watched the keynotes speech twice. Did I miss something? Is there any way to get Photo Brushes into Publisher, even if we have to install again?
  3. Affinity Photo now opens in Publisher, but I do not have all my Photo bruises. I would love to see them added in the future.
  4. Affinity Photo now opens in Publisher, but I do not have all my Photo brushes.
  5. When Apub goes live will there be a link on the countdown page? If not where can we DL it? https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/live/ I wonder how the server will handle the downloads and the live stream party at the same time. Unless they did not sell a huge amount, form a gamers experience I have seen servers meltdown on opening day. This could be worse since we know up to the second when things go live.
  6. When I use a Basic ( or most any) paint brush in Aphoto and draw a true black line, it is semi-transparent. And ifn I draw over it the line it darkens when they intersect. Even with Opacity, Flow, and Hardness set to 100%. Why is that? Of course, it does not happen with Pixel, but why with Paint Brush?
  7. Somehow the latest Affinity Photo is on my tiny solid state C: drive. How do I get that to my D:Program Files without losing all my brushes that are in place?
  8. I don't care about the AppData folder. I just want to move/reinstall Affinity photo to my drive without losing my brushes.
  9. Guyon

    Grammar Checker?

    I use UEC Ultimate Ebook Creator. It is very nice and in the new closed beta will do even more. UEC will find weak words and sentence structure. http://ultimateebookcreator.com/
  10. FREE tires for EVERYONE! LOL
  11. They may not be “for life”, but the free updates tend to be for years. Go for it. I have had my Affinity Photo and Designer since January 6, 2017 with no update charge yet. I believe that Adobe InDesign is US$20.99/mo.
  12. No official replay. You may be right fde101 LOL
  13. So what is it like at the Affinity office getting ready for the Apub release? Relaxed and just waiting or just crazy coding and getting ready for the live event?
  14. Too bad *sigh. But I meant this one. I shoot models all the time. She was amazing.
  15. Sounds exciting, but maybe wait till some of the next features are out. I would not like a book that is outdated before it arrived.
  16. There was a post a while ago where Patrick Connor addressed that they will look at epub after the official release. So I am trying to patiently wait for that feature.
  17. I like the screen. I REALLY liked the girl on Aphoto when they had that up. I am sure most would rather Affinity spend their valuable time fixing code and adding new features than trying to appease everyone on the aesthetics of a single splash page.
  18. Get work to pay for the mac version. But $34.99 is a steal if you get it now at the 30% off for the beta testing. Even if you need to buy both it is only $35 each! Microsoft word is $129, or $64 a month to rent to put this in perspective.
  19. I purchased Affinity publisher and of course, you can not download it yet. My old APub is out of date so I uninstalled it and went to get a new beta. But all the DL links now go to the sales page. Can I not get the beta anywhere?
  20. I am starting a fantasy map in Affinity Photo but think that making the details (Mountains, forests. etc) in Affinity Designer might be better. Thoughts? In any case, is there a good tutorial on how to make brushes that change as I draw to create random mountains and trees? Thanks