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  1. What is the possibility of a "Reference Layer" in the Pixel Persona? For those artists that draw cartoon etc., a Reference Layer is a great non-destructive way of adding colors to an outline drawing.
  2. I think I solved the problem. I set my painting to RGB/16 instead of RGB/8.
  3. I think I may have figured it out when I googled "pixel smoothing" I got an earlier forum question on the same subject. It looks like my hardness setting is 100% and I need to turn is down to about 80% or so. NOPE....after some trial and mostly error...still same problem. Where would Pixel Smoothing be in Affinity Designer/Photo?
  4. Get the hook and pull that guy off the stage....
  5. Yes, sorry about that. I was talking inches 20" X 16" 300 dpi.
  6. I was wondering. Why is in the Pixel Persona in both Designer and Photo, lines are so pixelated? If I am drawing (zoomed in at 200%) with a Basic brush at 4px, my line is very pixelated compared to other programs. Is there a setting. My drawing paper is 20X16 at 300dpi.
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    Thanks, MEB, that did it. Mark, Thanks, but I couldn't even see the color pallet drop down box.
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    Using AD Does not show different Swatch pallet choices. Only has Greys.
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    Thank you Staner555.
  10. I have to agree with you Jan. As I have said earlier, it seems, all of their work has gone toward the iPad version of AD and I would guess their next release: Publisher. I find it funny because I sit and watch all of the requests for updates and fixes, but nothing is happening. I wonder if they have too many irons in the fire for their workforce? They do have a good product for the price. but there is still a lot to accomplish for the people they are trying to reach.
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    Good to hear your opinion SrPx. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. Having an account with Autodesk does not mean you have to buy anything. Autodesk set the new version of Sketchbook 8.6 up to last in subscription for 100 years as of the end of this year. They say they will update....we will see on that. But you can download and save the execute file so you will always have it. I can still download the old version 6 and use it. But then, it doesn't have all of the new goodies. Krita looks like a good program. But for the Mac, it has been hit or miss. I've written on their forum and now we have a new programmer who is going to take it on for the Mac side. But there will be a learning curve. Clip Studio Paint is a great program. It has some very cool things one can do with a layer, among other things. But there has been a buzz going around about the forum going away. And if so, I don't know what will happen with CSP. And like I said earlier, I think Affinity Design has the best vector program going for the dollar. Everyone has different criteria for their way of working. That's what makes having all of the different resources helpful for each one of us. Have a great day!
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    Alfred, It just ended up that way. I decided to try different programs to see how they worked for me. Believe me, when I say, I support a lot of different software's out there. I love Affinity Designer for vector work, but not for this. For this, I tried Affinity Photo, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Metibang Pro, and Sketchbook Pro working with a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet. Photoshop had one of the best brushes and brush feedback (except for the cursor, I was always trying to find). But trying to zoom in and use a 3-pixel brush was not the best representation. Not to mention the rent payment. Metibang Pro (Free) had a slight delay in the brush stroke (with a few other flaws). Sketchbook Pro has always been one of my favorites programs, but I could see some of its limitations. It came down to Affinity Photo (great brushwork) and Clip Studio Paint. Affinity Photo still has some quirks going on with its layers I talked about this in another post. It cost me some loss of work (2 hours worth) the first time, and the second time I had something happen where I ended up with a pixel layer saying (pixel) 3 times in the layer. How that happened, I don't know. The layer has just got to be selected in the correct place or something else will happen. But I kept trying with Affinity Photo until I decided that Clip Studio Paint had just about everything I needed in an art program. Now, this is just my opinion. Everyone has a different way of painting and drawing. CSP fit me more. But I will keep watching and trying AP. It is a very good program that I hope, will replace Adobe PS completely one of these days.
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    This drawing/illustration was done using Affinity Photo and Clip Studio Paint. Hope you enjoy.
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    The Bumbletron!

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    [AP] Colorization

    Beautiful work.