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  1. If you are having trouble in a Mac finding the cursor, hold down the space bar and you will get the pan tool which will show you where the cursor is.
  2. Buy a bigger SSD drive..... . You've got to feed the addiction..more, more more.
  3. One thing I think I found out is the Properties selection does not show up on a Group of Groups...Which could make sense.
  4. Same here and I am sure, for everyone that is using them.
  5. I second this. It would also be nice in the future if we could not only select these predesigned colors but would have the ability to go to the color wheel and select different colors. It would also be nice to have the layer colors correspond to the color of the bounding box of the object, shape or curve just like in Illustrator.
  6. What is the possibility of a "Reference Layer" in the Pixel Persona? For those artists that draw cartoon etc., a Reference Layer is a great non-destructive way of adding colors to an outline drawing.
  7. I think I solved the problem. I set my painting to RGB/16 instead of RGB/8.
  8. I think I may have figured it out when I googled "pixel smoothing" I got an earlier forum question on the same subject. It looks like my hardness setting is 100% and I need to turn is down to about 80% or so. NOPE....after some trial and mostly error...still same problem. Where would Pixel Smoothing be in Affinity Designer/Photo?
  9. Get the hook and pull that guy off the stage....
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