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  1. Okay think I found it! You have to drag the adjustment into the layer you want it affecting. Thanks (if I would not have posted the question I would not have gone looking deeper, so that is what the thanks is for)(thanks for existing, dear forum)! Still one question: in the HSL-adjustment layer, how do I target a specific colour. I use the picker and then narrow the range, is there a way to narrow it even more? How do I select a smaller colour range? Sorry if I am asking obvious things.
  2. So I got three layers of art in different colours. How do I adjust the colours in only one layer without it affecting the other layers. If I use an adjustment layer on the top one, the adjustment works on all the layers below, and that is not what I want. I suppose it's a very basic question but have not been able to figure it out. In PSD I would just go command-U (adjust colours) or command-R (replace colours) and this would only affect the current layer.
  3. Okay Great! Integer values only (if not, AP averages the image?) Force Pixel Alignment combined with Move by whole pixels seems to be the thing to keep in mind. Thanks
  4. Copying scanned linework from one document to another. Just copy paste a few times, and then merging the layers down. The image gets blurred more and more each time I merge the layer down. Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening? I work with black & white pencil drawings a lot, and need to preserve the gritty feel of the lines.
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